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Saturday 13 November 2021

Making a stand

 Today, we had a French and Indian war skirmish (Using my own rules)

We were 4 playing today as Rhys joined Phil, Lawrence and myself.

Rhys used a band of Roger's Rangers, Phil, some Dunn's Rangers, Lawrence some local militia, and I some Delaware Indians!

The settlement we would be defending.

The view from the other side where a band of Hurons would arrive.
Random deployment meant I was facing about 20-30 warriors.
Another 20 were heading alongside the road to the settlement.
On the right, some bowmen supported by musketeers.
The battle started with a small party of Huron spotting some of Rhys's Rangers. 2 Rangers were hit by some fantastic die rolling!!!
The survivors held, and returned fire.
3 of the Indians were hit!
Supporting fire from the rest of the Rangers in a house being very effective.
Soon, Phil's Dunn's Rangers were firing from the Trading post.
They halted another group of Hurons emerging from the trees.
I had been told to go roving, so my Delaware advanced through the woods on our right.
Lawrence had set up his militia behind several fences, giving them supporting fields of fire. 
My Delawares ran straight into a band of Hurons who killed one of my men and wounded another.
Lawrence was firing down the road...
...another band of hostiles were advancing up it.
Back with my Indian fight, my men fired back killing a Huron and wounding another, exactly what they had done to us!
They retreated though, only to be replaced by another band.
In the centre Magua led a few Huron in to attack Rhys's forward men.
The Ranger stood bravely but fell. The last Ranger ran back to the house and the safety of his companions.
In the road, the Huron hunkered down and returned fire.
They were in a losing position though, under fire from both sides of the road.
Finally they had had enough and fled!
On the right of the Huron line, the advance was slow, but steady, and unopposed.
One of the centre group of Indians attacked Phil's Rangers.
My men were still skirmishing with the Hurons.
Phil's men drove the Huron back with their steady fire.
The Trading post was great cover!
On my flank, the Huron decided to attack!
I drove them off easily though. I was lucky with my dice again!
The Huron steadied and fired back, killing another of my men.
I managed to kill another Huron, and the survivors retreated off the field.
In the centre, Lawrence and Phil were pinning the Hurons back with enfilading fire.
The rear line of defence, some of Lawrence's militia, now saw the flanking Huron force...
The bowmen were stunned, and their returned shafts missed.
The central Huron force now tried a desperate last charge...
...Fired at from all sides, they fell.
With this last failure, Magua signalled the retreat.

We were victorious, and lucky! In the last 2 turns my Delaware were dicing to stay in the battle! Brittle they are!


  1. Looked like a fun game - a hard ask for the Hurons, attacking Rangers inside buildings!

    1. I entirely agree, they would have torched it!

  2. I've scoured the sites I know but haven't found a trading post. What building are you using and from where please?

    1. Sorry pal! I got it as a job lot at a wargames show pre pandemic, I have no idea who made it!

  3. Cheers Tamsin! Fun was indeed had, and not a few scalps by my brave Delawares!

  4. Looks a fun game. I do like the FIW.

  5. Great looking game and good AAR. Thanks for posting it!
    The rules look to play well, I still use my variant of your State of War ones, very useful.

    1. Thanks! I actually updated Gatlings to your stats after a little playtesting, so thanks to you too!