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Wednesday 17 November 2021

The 'Dad' Batch!

 Today, as I am enjoying another week off work, and Saturday is a show (Battleground), I decided to have a solo game at home again, just like in Lockdown!

I haven't done Star Wars skirmishing in a while, so this was the perfect opportunity.

My dining room served for the planet!

I had a desert planet - probably a part of Ord Mantell.
Four familiar figures! Hunter, Wrecker, Tech and Echo, aka The Bad Batch. 
In Wrecker's pack - Omega's Zygerrian bow, all they had found of her on the Marauder.
Hunter knelt, lifted some dust to his nose....
"Omega came this way, and she wasn't alone."
Hunter: "Lets move out -- if the Empire have her, it won't be long till she is off world!"
Hunter lead the team out of sight of any prying eyes.
The Portal markers littering the town would activate any hostile forces, so its good to stay in cover as much as possible from them.
The first marker would need to be shifted - so how to do it without getting spotted by several others?
Hunter ran past it, the others were slower.
The marker was forced to move...
...which allowed the team to move too!
I noticed Hunter was visible to a marker on a hill.
Hunter and Wrecker checked the first building for Omega...Nothing.
Hunter moved on to the next building...
His run was too short to reach it, so he got spotted from across the road.
A 3, a 5 or greater and it would have triggered hostiles.
Hunter gathered the Batch behind the second building.
They moved as a group behind the building, but were spotted.
Fortunately, a 2 wasn't enough to activate hostiles, how long would this luck last?
The team checked the next two buildings via the windows.
Hunter lead his men behind the building.
This time the dice turned! a group of troopers appeared on the hill.
The Bad Batch were not worried, as the enemy fell in a hail of fire!
The survivor retreated in haste!
Hunter again took the lead and dislodged the Portal Markers from the hill.
This, of course, let others get in sight!
A group of four troopers appeared.
The fight began.
Initially, the troopers were outshot!
As one trooper went into cover, their fire hit Echo, but he wasn't injured.
The Batch advanced to a better range, and to dislodge the Portal Markers!
This was going to take some time!
A larger group of troopers, including a heavy weapon trooper arrived.
Unfortunately, my dice were rather good this turn!
Surely we would be able to take the final hill?
No! Another group of troopers reinforced the Imperials!
I ran Hunter and Echo forward, a risky move.
At least it shifted those cursed Markers!
Another Marker came into play.
Echo searched the building on the hill.
The rest of the Batch were trying to get the last trooper.
From the building came Omega, sporting a blaster, Cid and Gonky!
Omega joined the fight...
...immediately stunning the trooper!
Hunter led the group back down the road.
Only a few Portal markers needed sweeping away!
Hunter: "I expected to find Omega, but not you Cid!"
Cid: "Waddya mean Bandana? - Tiny here was outside with that droid when she got nabbed by these goons. I tried to help so here I am too!"
Cid: "I thought we were gonners till I saw 'Pale and Pensive' here!"
Echo: "Do you mean me, Cid? - I do have a name you know!"
Cid: "Whatever!"...

That was fun!

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