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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Trying the Solo protocol!

Today, we had a couple more games of 'What a Tanker' - to try the first draft of a solo protocol I have done for it.

We gave the Solo system a Jagdpanther, which in my new Points System is equal to 2 Churchill VI and a Sherman 75. I had misgivings about our chances as we were pitting 75mm guns alone against a very well armoured enemy!

Lawrence set up another lovely terrain to fight over.
Lawrence randomly got the Sherman M4A2 
Phil and my Churchills were to its left.
 The Jagdpanther set up opposite Phil's Churchill.
 Lawrence raced his Sherman down the road, but his dice failed to get him over the hedge...
 ...The Jagdpanther easily acquired him and pivoted to face the Sherman.  
As their vehicle burned, the crew managed to bail out! 
Phil and I had failed to move, in our turns!. 
 Next turn, I got into position to fire on the Jagdpanther.
The shot simply pinged off his armour! 
The big Boche now looked for new targets... 
He saw Phil, who was manoeuvering forward. 
The shot damaged his optics, but luckily nothing worse! 
Phil had the same luck with his shot as I had - a bounce off the heavy frontal armour!
The Beast let off another 88mm round... 
 ...and missed!
 Phil decided to cross a gap in the wall he was hiding behind.
 2"! He ended in the gap!
 Fortunately, he got first activation next turn and got past the gap!!!
I was still firing as fast as my tank could... 
...I got a double 6, which made my gun as good as a yank 76mm! 
 ...same result though!
The German switched to shooting at me... 
My tank crew withdrew, as the shot shredded a tree! 
My commander steadied his crew, and pushed his tank back into position alongside Phil. 
 Phil got a good hit on the Jagdpanther!...
...non penetrating, but the Jagdpanther fell back! 
However, the Jagdpanther quickly regained his position... 
He hit me, 6 hit points, I only saved 1 out of 9 armour dice thrown!
 ...My tank burned...my poor crew with it.
Phil's damaged tank had no choice but to flee. 
 There were a couple of points came up with the solo system, which I will correct after doing this blog post!

We had time for one more game, I took the Sherman.
 I faced two Panzer IIs, so we could see how 'Rapid fire' worked.

 Phil rapidly advanced, trying to get round my flank.
Lawrence raced down a long road... 
...ending facing my Sherman's flank.
Phil managed to acquire me. 
My tank had reached a wall opposite him, but his fire drove me back, while another shot damaged my running gear! 
I was now bracketed between the 2 Germans. 
My dice never threw enough 2s to acquire the Panzer 2s, or move! 
Oh, to get a shot at one of them! 
 Lawrence moved further onto my flank, firing rapidly.
 Phil also had good luck with his shooting.
 My tank was down to 2 command dice, I was doomed, so abandoned my vehicle!
This was interesting, a lot of luck from the Germans, and bad luck for me!
The points were 16 to 12 for the Germans, so at least I had an excuse for losing!!

I am off with the family next week so no game then, and the next Saturday is the Durham show...already! Where is this year going?


  1. Cheers Nick, I will pine for more fun games for the next 2 weeks! (Family and show at Durham!!!)