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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Back in the Tanks!

Today, we returned to our newest game of the moment...What a Tanker, by the 2 fat lardies.

We really are enjoying this game, even with its occasional quirks!

Today's games were 1944 period western front...

In our first game, Phil and I had a face off, Tanko a Tanko! ----Lawrence ran the rules for us.

I had the M4 Sherman...
 ...Phil a Panzer IV G.
As usual, Lawrence had set up a lovely terrain. 
I got to go first - but with no enemy in sight, my command dice were of...limited use!
I raced forward to hide behind a wall!
 Phil had more choices, with 2  'Wild Card' 6s.
He, too, moved forward to a position in cover behind a stand of trees. 
My next activation allowed me to advance, acquire, aim and fire! 
I caused damage to his turret, reducing his chance to hit me, but more importantly reducing his command dice!  
 I then got everything I needed, except an Aim!
Phil had no such command problems, even with his reduced dice! 
Fortunately, his shots went wide!
My next die rolls got what I needed for a shot back... 
 I hit again! could this be enough to brew up the German?
I got another shot and hit in my next activation 
 ...mainly due to my getting enough 3's to enhance my hit chance! 
The Panzer took more permanent damage - this time to his hull. 
He did get a shot back, which hit the wall I was hiding behind (I still lost a command dice, but nothing else!) 
 My next shot hit AGAIN! - and I got 3 hits, with him saving only 1.
His turret was badly damaged. He was now down to 2 command dice! 
 He wisely, when he got a couple of move command dice, retreated off table!
 The victory conditions are one of the quirks I alluded to before! - In the rules it is only possible to leave the table when you are outnumbered 2:1, rather than if you have no chance of winning!

As we had lunch, some ECW figures invaded our battlefield, i think they may be fighting on this sort of material in future! It looks good...
 ...doesn't it!

So onto the next game, we wanted all 3 players involved, so Lawrence proposed a 24pt Jagdpanther against...
 2 Shermans! At 12 pts each, supposedly a fair match! 
I got to use the Jagdpanther, and got first activation, not necessarily a good thing...
No enemy in sight, so my fast vehicle converted one of the redundant shooty dice to a move. 
My super tank acted like my Sherman in the previous game, a rush to cover in the walled field.
Phil's Sherman raced to get behind my flank... 
My super panther shuffled to get a bead on him... 
...He fired first, but missed... and then withdrew.
 You get to throw 12 hit dice with an 88mm L/43!
 Boom!, fortunately after the crew had bailed out first...
 My Jagdpanther then raced round to outflank the remaining Sherman.
 Lawrence had problems moving...but got the first activation in the next turn...
 ...this got him a shot into my REAR!
 AAGH! - the dreaded double 1 to hit! - he not only missed but lost his acquisition and aim!
 I simply turned and fired...
...the crew escaped from this one too!
'Death Star' 2, Shermans 0!

 Our third game had Phil running the Jagdpanther against 2 M10 tank destroyers.

There was a lot of sneaking about.
The Jagdpanther first went after Lawrence's TD...
Despite some aggressive manoeuvering, his TD was soon destroyed. 
I tried to engage it, and my third shot actually damaged its running gear, the same damage he had caused me the previous turn, before I retreated off table!

Our points were 28 against his 24, and this confirmed the points system in the rules is a bit suspect with the bigger vehicles. The current system is simply the total of armour and strike values, +/-1 for things like fast/slow vehicles.

Edit: I have worked out a new points system, if you want to have a copy please E-Mail me at the address on the top of this blog!!

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