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Saturday, 5 May 2018

A Grievous battle

Today, we were just 2, Lawrence and I! - After long hard weeks, we were both tired, so had a fun game, a Star Wars: The Clone wars skirmish.

I have been beavering away painting more Jedi - so decided to have a couple of Jedi leading a group of clones to clear an area of Separatists.

So, we randomised which Jedi we would get from the usual suspects...

Would we get Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Obi Wan Kenobi (2 versions), Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Quinlan Vos, Ki Adi Mundi,Barriss Offee, Luminara, Unduli, or Plo Koon?

 (The one at the back is Padme Amidala, of course!)
You guessed it, Lawrence diced Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I got Anakin Skywalker!!!!
 The table, with the portal markers to determine any opposition we might meet.
We decided to split, and go down either side of the table and herd the portals to destruction! Obi Wan led our 6 clones down the left...  
...straight into 4 Super Battle droids!
 Anakin saw them, and decided to help.
Obi Wan saw his plan coming to bits, as the droids headed for Anakin! 
 Anakin was soon amongst them, but one unengaged droid fired at the clones!
2 of the clones were pinned by his fire. 
 Obi Wan was too far away to protect them, but soon came under fire himself.
 He deflected a shot back at the droid, but it failed to get through the droid's armour!
 Anakin, meanwhile, was happily chopping droids! 
 At this point, another group of Super Battle droids arrived.
 ...and advanced to engage the Clones. 
Anakin finished off the last of his droids. 
Some standard battle droids joined them attacking the clones.
The clones lost a man to the heavy fire from them. The poor clones were over faced!
 Obi Wan covered the clones as they retreated behind a house.
Anakin joined him. 
There were now 4 groups of droids  
Droid 1:"Hey, where did the Jedi go?" 
 Droid 2:"Can you see them yet?" 
 Droid 1:"No, they must be hiding...Cowards!"
 As the droids moved round the house, the 2 Jedi pounced.
Droid 8: "Come on, there are only 2 of them?!" 
Droid 9: "It won't matter! - AAGG" 
Anakin moved round the house to push some portals off table...and ran into another group of battle droids! 
Anakin deflected a shot back at a droid, destroying it. 
Anakin and the 2 clones with him attacked the droids. 
It was a trap, some Super battle droids and more standard droids attacked him, Anakin was fighting just to deflect all the shots aimed at him and his clones! 
Attack is the best form of defence...sometimes...so Anakin attacked the Super Battle droids, cutting off their weapon arms!  
A rumbling announced the arrival of 2 Droidikas (Destroyers) 
These deployed, but did not fire for fear of hitting the Super Battle droids. 
Anakin and the clones...soon became valid targets! 
As Anakin fended off the destroyers fire, more droids came from both sides...
...Including General Grievous and 3 Magna-droids

General Grievous: "Ahhh, Skywalker, do you think you can win now? "
Anakin quickly led his clones back behind the house...
 ...deflecting the Destroyer's fire against the Battle droids.
 General Grievous: "Ahhhh, run away Sywalker, you are not so tough without Kenobi to protect you, are you!!!"

So, we got beaten! - The arrival dice were a sequence of 4,5, and 3 6s! meant I was swamped by a sea of Separatists!

Still, it could have been worse, we could have met Asajj Ventress or Count Dooku! 

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