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Saturday 3 February 2024

Bless 'em all, Bless 'em all, the Long and the short and the tall!

 Today as it was just Lawrence and myself at the club from our little gang, we took Oathmark to a new level with no limits on choice of troops.

I stuck with my Dwarves, with no changes, but Lawrence took a different approach...

The terrain, our scenario was the Oathmarks one, and I the Attacker.

An Elven Sacred tree Oathmark.
My little stone Oathmark was in the woods opposite.
Lawrence had a rock in the centre as the third.
I deployed Spears on the left, Border Guard archers in the wood, and 2 blocks of Soldiers in the centre, I had my usual 2 Spellcasters behind them.
On my right a block of Dwarven Warriors, a few Militia and a light Catapult.
Lawrence had his Elf Mounted Rangers on his right, supported by a Wolver.
In the centre, behind a unit of Dwarf Linebreakers and one of Spearmen. Lawrence had a unit of Elf Spears, a Ballista, a Dwarven Spellcaster and an Elf Spellcaster, and A GIANT!
On his left, he had 10 Orc Linebreakers, 15 Elven Bowmen and 2 Wolvers.
The game started with my Border Guard opening up...
An enemy Dwarf spearman fell.
Next to them, 3 Dwarven Linebreakers fell...
...to my massed Archers.
The Elf Ballista got 'Truesight' and was able to shoot over their spears.
One of my big Soldier units took heavy casualties.
The Lone Wolver on their right charged one of my Spear units, it did well, killing 2 of my Dwarves and disordering them before it fell.
My big Archer unit was forced to shoot the Advancing Elf Rangers...
In 2 turns, they were destroyed.
As can be seen my Apprentice had 'Smoked' the front of the Elven missile troops.
As my Spears advanced on the Enemy Dwarves guarding the central Oathmark, Lawrence's Ballista got another shot...
He caught my big Archer unit, killing 5!
One of my Soldier units charged the Spears guarding the Oathmark, I beat them, and drove them back into the smoke.
As my Dwarves rejoiced, the Giant attacked from the smoke and cut my Dwarves to pieces!
I charged the Linebreakers - and had every advantage, but managed to lose!
On my right I needed to win Initiative as I had advanced my Militia through the smoke, but I rolled poorly again and the Elf archers wiped them out!
My Warriors charged and drove back the Orc Linebreakers, but were hit in flank by the Wolvers my Militia had been facing...
The Giant now charged my Dwarf Axemen in flank...I had been peppering it with arrows mercilessly, and my Catapult had caused it a couple on wounds, but it shrugged them off!
My Spears now advanced to take out the Catapult, but it killed one of my Dwarves...not the usual four or five!
My Warriors, shaken by the Wolver attack, were broken by the Elven Archers.
At this point I conceded, as I was only able to get the Tree Oathmark, the centre one was secured by the Giant, and I had lost my right!
The Wolvers were even after my Catapult and Apprentice!
The hero of the day, batting arrows and Fireballs alike with his club!
Ah well, that was a long overdue defeat for my Dwarves!

I had assumed the high Activation value of the Giant would make it break if I hit it with enough 'stuff', but Lawrence only failed one morale check on it!

I wonder what the phone number of my friendly Dragon is....?!!!!

PS: I am working on a revised point system for Oathmark, I will let you all know when its done, but its looking good so far!!!

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