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Saturday 16 March 2024

Armour in the desert.

 Today, with our pal Lawrence down with the flu, Rhoderick, Phil and myself decided to have a couple of games of 'What a Tanker' using my Solo system and my AI Tanker rules.

First game: 1967

Rhoderick wanted to try Egyptians, so he and Phil took SU-100s.

I took a T34-85.
The Israelis used 2 M-51s and...
...An M-50 with 76mm gun.
The table for today, I forgot the scatter we like to use so its rather more desert-ey than we usually use!
I chose not to bring the road, mainly so I didn't have to spend ages hiding the section edges on GIMP2!!!
My T34 got to go first, and this Command Die roll looks brilliant doesn't it, but my AI rules class Arabs as having 'Poor Crews' which means they discard all '6's after the first!!!
Rhoderick had a different problem, no 1's or a 6 so he didn't move!
At least my 6 allowed me to use it to move into cover behind a house!
Opposite us Phil was vulnerable to this M-51, but when it fired it got 2 '1's, which shut the tank down!
Phil had turned to hide behind the trees, but only went 1"!!!
Rhoderick moved to engage an M-51.
It advanced and got a shot off...
The Su was toast! - Rhoderick 'jumped ship' and took over an M-51!!!
I tried to engage the M-51...and missed! - it shot back...
...and only got 3 5s and 6s from his 10 dice!
I rolled 4 saves out of my 5 dice!
I survived!
The M-50 also advanced in the centre.
Phil got a 'bead' on the M-51.
The M-51 Phil had shot at limped into the town.
Phil had caused damage to its running gear.
I was getting bracketed by 2 Israelis, so when I rolled no shooting, I retreated further behind the building.
The Israeli tanks advanced like angry Daleks
Phil advanced round the flank.
I moved just to the corner to ambush the Israelis when they came round the corner.
The shot missed, but my crew were...unhappy!
Phil and the M-51 were circling round this long building.
I had retreated a bit but didn't get round the corner and into cover, the M-50 got the bounce on me!
He missed again! - I got no Aim, so had to retreat into cover.
Didn't help.
Phil got 4 move dice...
...so skedaddled!

The second game (1973)

In this game, the AI used T-62's

We were opposite with 3 Sho't (Centurion) tanks.
I advanced down the left...
I hit a T-62!
I damaged its running gear.
Rhod went down the Right and began trading shots with the T-62 I had damaged.
Phil went straight into town.
The T-62 didn't react.
The centre T-62 advanced and shot at Phil's Sho't.
Fortunately it missed!
Phil withdrew and fired...
...damaging its running gear.
My Sho't was unable to move, but kept getting shooting dice.
I was nibbling at the T-62, knocking off 1 Command die each shot!.
Phil acquired and shot the T-62 on the hill.
A clean kill!
The right hand T-62 came round the wood and saw me!
Sho'ts burn just as well!
The T-62 even had another move die so advanced on Phil.
Phil and the Egyptian ended up nose to nose.
After 2 shots each, Phil got the Killing shot.
Rhod had finished off the last T-62, I had got it down to one Command die before I exploded so he easily achieved the hit that made the crew abandon their tank.

So, the Israelis won both games, and I got killed twice!


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