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Saturday 7 May 2022

Once again to the breach...

 Today, Mick was back playing with us, so once again we did Seven Years War gaming!

After the astonishing good luck of last week where I won easily against the French, I couldn't expect it again, could I?

As in most games, my Prussians failed to get Initiative, which gave us the choice of side, The French didn't do well enough to get the flank deployment areas though!

Today's battlefield, woods in the near side and a marsh on the far side!

The French with Lawrence and Phil in charge, deployed as best they could in the dense terrain.
Mick on our right had to fight round a wood, I would get the marsh.
After a false start, where I randomly got THREE incompetent brigadiers (we decided to start again as I would not have any control!) - I got a competent and only one incompetent brigadier.
Phil had a competent cavalry commander.
Lawrence had 2 incompetents, in charge of the Swiss and the right wing cavalry.
Lawrence managed to get his Hussars advancing...
...the redoubtable Rgt Turpin, who were heading for my artillery!
Phil, on the French left, got his elite Austrian Hussars into the wood, and most of the Reichs Cavalry out of the woods!
Lawrence failed to get his regiments moving, so Phil slowed his left wing infantry so as not to get ahead.
Mick got a Kuirassier regiment moving on his wing...
...the rest stayed behind our stationary infantry line.
He did get the Frei Korps advancing!
The French finally got their infantry line advancing, my artillery took a toll on a battalion of Rgt Planta.
The French hussars refused to charge across the marsh!
Lawrence had his Cuirassiers advancing by this time though!
The French had advanced their first line, the second line now started to move up behind them in a rather haphazard way, thanks in part to an incompetent brigadier!
Phil got a lot of horse past the wood, but only the Szeleczky hussars were in combat order.
Mick's heavy gun battery damaged the advancing French infantry.
Micks Kuirassiers beat the Hussars, but the Brave Hungarians did not break!
I had advanced IR6 to fend off the French Hussars but they came under fire from a supporting French battery which caused no damage, but probably covered the Potsdam Grenadiers with mud!
On Mick's wing, the French infantry got a good volley on the Prussian Fusiliers.
On my wing, the Swiss caused one of my regiments to retreat, they had just taken light losses so I was displeased with their performance!
They disordered the second line too!
Mick's infantry and Grenadiers were not killing many French...
...his gun managed to damage a battalion of Rgt Navarre though.
Mick's Kuirassiers were still fighting, and winning, against the Austrians.
On my wing - one of my Kuirassier regiments engaged the Cuirassier Du Roi and Rgt Rienne, I defeated Rienne, but the Cuirassiers Du Roi held me.
I brought up a second regiment who destroyed the exhausted Frenchmen.
Mick's infantry was shooting better now!
My guns were, devoid of infantry support, blasting into Rgt Planta.
A French regiment launched another attack on the Prussian Fusiliers.
On my side, my second front line infantry regiment, despite winning against the French, was hit by a French volley and retreated in confusion!
At least I had good linear formations now!
Mick's Fusiliers had fallen back too, and this left Mick's Grenadiers all alone facing the French!
My guns kept Rgt Planta off, taking great chunks out of the immovable Swiss!
IR6 managed to trudge through the mud and got a volley into the French Hussars.
Mick decided to support his Kuirassiers with a second regiment! - then chased into the following Austrian Kuirassiers, defeating them.
I had my weakened Kuirassier regiment round to drive off the French Hussars, but IR6 swept them away with a close range volley.
My Kuirrasiers moved forward to attack the last two French cavalry regiments at the back of their position.
Mick's heavy gun blasted Rgt Navarre...
...driving them through their second line.
My infantry was reordered and ready to advance, and finish off the Swiss front line, though the artillery was continuing to mow them down with cannister.
Only a few regiments of French in the centre were still engaged, but those Grenadiers were not for moving!

At this point with both French wings in disarray, and their infantry attack stalled, the French signalled the retreat.
Though we had taken some losses, the French had suffered a lot more. The two incompetent commanders had not been able to run the French right effectively.

We will be doing something different next week!

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