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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Day of the BMP?

Today, poor Lawrence was off as he had only got back late last night from Alicante!
However, we had a replacement, Rhys, who (thankfully!)- came back after his first game last week!

Today's games were Arab-Israeli Tanker, my own expansion of the original excellent What a Tanker game by the Two Fat lardies.

The battlefield for today.
The first game saw our solo run opponents... 
On our left, Rhys had a Sho't meteor... 
...in the centre, I had another... 
and on our right, Phil with a third Sho't. 
I moved forward towards cover... 
...and fired - I was short of the relative safety of the rough ground. 
 My shot missed though!
 Phil raced forward on my right...
 ...and managed to take a commanding position on a hill.
 He even had the dice to shoot...
 ...one of the T-55's was destroyed!
One of the other T-55's moved towards Phil... 
 ...but Phil got a bead on this one too...
 The third T-55 advanced towards me.
 Rhys got a shot at it, but missed. 
 I made for the protection of a walled field.

I need not have been worried - Phil's tank had spotted it...
 ...with the usual result!
 The victorious Phil, 3 for 3, or should we call him Koah Zvika?

The second game

Our opponents this time were a pair of T-34/85s...
 ...supporting a T-55.
 Rhys and Phil had M51 Super Shermans.
 I had an AMX-13.
 The T-55 moved at speed towards Rhy's Sherman.
 Phil climbed a hill...
He observed a T-34 which had failed to move... 
...He quickly acquired it and fired... 
...her we go again! 
 Rhys got his Sherman up the hill opposite the T-55.
He saw the other T-34 manoeuvering...
 ...and fired.
He got a good solid hit and the hapless Syrian tank exploded. 
Not a good day for the poor T-34's! 
Alone now, the T-55 moved into the stone field. 
 I managed to get my AMX on its flank, but for the rest of the game, my gunner just couldn't get an Aim!
 The T-55 moved through the field.
Phil was on his flank now, too, and fired. 
He caused damage to its tracks. 
 Rhys also fired at it.
His shot scared the Syrians, but no lasting damage. 
The Syrian tank pulled back, trying to escape. 
Phil fired a shot... 
...which damaged the tank again. 
His next shot finished it off. 

The Third game

 We decided to use the Syrians this game, I chose a BMP-1, its been on my bucket list to actually kill something with a Sagger missile!
 Rhys also used a BMP.
 Phil returned to an SU-100.
 The solo run Israelis had an M50...
...make that 2... 
...and an M51. 
 Rhys rapidly sent his BMP onto a hill...
where it got hit by an M50.
 He lost a command dice.
The M51 opened fire... 
...Phil, facing it returned the compliment. 
 The M50 fired at Rhys again...
 ...getting a near miss.
...his crew was shaken, so he retired behind the hill to safety. 
The M50 moved closer, keeping to cover...though in sight of my BMP! 
The other M50 went on a hill opposite me...out of sight. 
 My BMP fired a Sagger...
 ...which sped towards the Sherman in the middle.
 Rhys, too, had moved round the hill, and fired a Sagger too.
The air seemed full of missile smoke!
 Unfortunately, the Sherman on the hill must have seen Rhys' BMP and fired at it, as his missile missed its target. 
 My missile had no such problem... 
 Kaboom! - I got one!
 Phil was still trading shots with the Super Sherman. 
He managed to shake its crew with a near miss.
 The Sherman fired back...
 ...and shook the Syrian crew with an equally near miss!
 My BMP moved to engage the other M-50, confident after his Sagger kill!
...The HESH round shook up the Sherman crew. 
 I followed the gun shot with a second Sagger... 
...off it flew! 
The M51, meantime, had scored another near miss on the SU-100...
...which retreated.
 The M51 now had a clear shot...
 ...and destroyed Phil's SU. He took command of the M51 as compensation!
 He moved his new tank to engage the BMPs.
My missile flew true... 
...and killed a second tank! 
 2 for 2 with Saggers, who would have believed it after my last game!
 Phil closed the range, to put him within the minimum range of the Saggers.
 He missed, probably that big gun couldn't bear on Rhy's BMP, being so close!
 My BMP managed to get on the Sherman's flank, and killed it with my 73mm gun!
That BMP crew will return to Damascus in triumph!

Good games, and very exciting!

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