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Saturday 30 March 2019

Russian front Tanker

Today, we had a couple of games of What a Tanker, this time using my newly finished Soviet tanks.
I took pictures of the first...

Our Russian battlefield. 
 Phil had a Panzer III with the short 50mm gun, Lawrence and I had Panzer II's
Our opponents were a T-34 model 1941 and two T-26b's.

The Russians were run by my solo system.
 A T-26 was on the Russian left...
 ...The T-34 in the centre...
 ...and the other T-26 on their right.
 Lawrence had a Panzer II on our left...
 ...Phil's Panzer III was in the centre...
...and my Panzer II was on our right. 
 The T-34 moved forward rapidly, and turned to engage my Panzer II. 
Phil advanced his Panzer III towards the farmhouse. 
 I raced forward, keeping the woods between me and the T-34.
 One of the T-26's facing Lawrence made headway between 2 woods.
My Panzer II crept to the edge of the woods, and opened fire on the T-34 with my 2cm flak cannon.
...a lucky shell damaged its tracks! 
One T-26 was quite unable to move, too much Vodka perhaps? 
Phil came in sight of the T-34. 
 Lawrence's Panzer II also saw the T-34, and fired on it. 
The Russian retreated... it fired its main gun at Lawrence...
 ...but only forced him to retreat a little...it could have been so much worse! 
 The T-26 facing Lawrence was climbing a hill over which Lawrence was.
 The T-34 now saw and fired on me again...
...fortunately the shot missed!
 I really should have 'buttoned up'!
The T-34, being surrounded, moved behind a large rocky outcrop. 
My Panzer II tried to join the Panzer III behind the farmhouse, but I didn't make it, leaving my flank open to the T-26 on the hill behind the T-34. 
Phil fired at the T-26. 
The shot whanged off the turret, damaging its optics. 

The other T-26 saw Lawrence's Panzer II...and missed!
 It was soon falling back...
 ...as Lawrence advanced shooting at it!
 With the T-34 now visible, the Panzer III fired at it... 
 ...The shot bounced off its armour...
 ...but it had turret damage and the crew was by now a bit shaken.
 The T-34 tried falling back to recover some of its command dice!
Amazingly, no Russian fire had come while I was in the open and vulnerable. I therefore advanced to outflank the Russian tanks. 
The T-26 facing Lawrence advanced again. 
It couldn't fire though! 
 Lawrence did!
 Between my and Phil's firing...
...both Russian tanks were retreating, and unable to fire! 
I continued advancing after them. 
 We simply couldn't kill them! 
Both of our tanks advanced aggressively...
 ...Phil got a good hit on the T-34...
...the crew bailed out of their stricken vehicle (probably into the welcoming arms of the NKVD!) 
 I managed to move rapidly on to the flank of the T-26, but only damaged it. 
 Lawrence, too, pushed forward after his T-26... 
He managed to get behind its flank. 
 Phil's Panzer III joined me... 
The T-26 brewed up! 
He got a quick turn and made off to deal with Lawrence's  T-26.
 My Panzer II was having trouble in the rough terrain, and fell behind.
 We were both too late as Lawrence managed to hit the T-26...
 ...the crew bailed out again...
...The NKVD had a busy day!


  1. What a nice looking game, lovely terrain and tanks!

    1. Cheers Phil! Lawrence is the one who introduced us to the Last Valley terrain, and we have never looked back...!!!

  2. A Panzer II and III won against a T34 and a T 26..you lucky lucky ......;-)

    1. I agree Paul! It played very like operation Barbarossa, where the Russians failed to co-ordinate, and were unable to get many shots on target!
      That T-34 should have Toasted my Panzer II!