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Saturday 16 December 2023

2 Games above the clouds

 Today, we had 2 games of Wings of Glory WW1 as poor Roderick and his son are unwell, so we couldn't do the game they were putting on!

Never mind, we all enjoy 'flying' our little planes round the table!

We did 2 games, and for a change, I got some of my 1916 planes out for the spin. As usual, the Germans were run by my solo system.

For the first game, the enemy had 2 Fokker Eindeckers and a Halberstadt.

As the Eindeckers look similar one is marked with a red counter, the other with a black one...
I had a pale Nieuport 11.
Phil had a darker green one...
... and Lawrence had a DH-2.
We met on turn 3.
Phil went head to head with the Halberstadt!
The 'Bang' card made short work of the poor German.
The DH-2 coming in from the flank had rather less luck!
I was out on the other wing, and had to turn in to try and join the 'fun'!
Lawrence was now on the tail of the hapless Eindecker.
I was manoeuvering to engage the other.
The Eindeckers evaded easily.
We all had the same idea, pick on the Black Eindecker, but as usual we got in our own way!!!
The Red German was out of position, so no threat at present.
'Black' turned and Lawrence fired again, and missed again!!!
'Red' Immelmanned and started back.
My plane was trying to fly in the same spot, but |I did get a shot out and damaged 'Black'.
'Black' turned and got in position to engage, its funny how often a single plane can outmaneuver multiple enemies!
Phil 'Immelmanned' and got in a shot.
'Red' was nearly back!
We positioned ourselves to meet the new threat.
Lawrence's DH-2 got first shot and came out best.
Phil got on 'Black's tail and damaged it, but his guns jammed.
Phil was gnashing his teeth!
'Red' had passed our planes.
Phil gave up chasing 'Black' and continued to clear his guns.
Lawrence and I turned to try and chase 'Red'.
'Red' turned and easily avoided us.
'Black' and Phil Immelmanned and failed to get a firing solution.
Lawrence followed me as I turned after 'Red'. I calculated I would be inside his turning circle if the Eindecker continued that turn.
Phil was still weaving around the other German.
I continued my turn as the Eindecker tried to get onto the DH-2's tail.
I got my shot!
The German fluttered to earth with...
...a dead pilot, probably. The last Eindecker left for home.

The Second game.
Later in 1916, German aviation improved, so we now faced an Albatros D2 and a Roland C2 2 seater.
Phil and I stayed in our Nieuports...
...and Lawrence in his DH-2.
Lawrence likes starting in a corner and outflanking the solo system aircraft who tend to stay concentrated.
This of course means the other players face the Germans at a disadvantage.
The Albatros keyed on Phil, and the Roland sideslipped towards me!
I was lucky, we ended flying over each other.
Lawrence was slowly getting towards the action.
The Albatros passed Phil, the Roland rear gunner hit me.
I 'Immelmanned' to chase the big bird!
The Albatros came off worst as my comrades bracketed him.
The Roland was much faster than my Nieuport, and I got the feeling he was playing with me like a cat and a mouse!
He weaved, baiting me to attack.
The Albatros escaped, and out ran the pursuit.
I tried to escape from the Roland by turning towards Lawrence and Phil.
The Albatros turned to attack but slowed enough for Phil to get a good hit on him.
He was able to keep harrying the Albatros, not bad for 'B' deck damage!
He got more heavy damage next move, but the Albatros turned unexpectedly and hit my Nieuport equally badly!!!
The Albatros turned to chase me!
..but I managed to turn tightly and escape.
Lawrence moved to attack the Roland.
Phil and I were out of position.
The DH-2 did turn and hit the Albatros, but that Roland rear gunner with his Parabellum MG hammered the luckless DH-2!
Phil 'Immelmanned' to get back into the action.
He hit the Roland, whilst its rear gunner managed to miss me! - Lawrence, meanwhile, cut inside the Albatros' turn...
...and downed it!
Phil was losing against that rear gunner!
Lawrence and I were trying to keep up!
Phil was lucky to be cross based with the Roland at that range! Nieuport 11s only have 10 Damage pts! 
The Roland rear gunner did eventually get a shot, though.
Phil was left as the Roland turned to attack Lawrence and me.
We got shots on the Roland, hoping to kill the rear gunner, but no joy, only 2 damage on the German.
The Roland turned away and hit the DH-2 hard!
Phil 'Immelmanned' again and moved to join us.
The brave DH and the Roland exchanged ineffective fire.
Phil was trying to catch up, but the Nieuport 11 is SLOW!
The Roland was running rings around us!
Lawrence, with only 5 points of damage left, turned from the battle.
I tried to get him, but he was the only one to get a shot.
Phil was too far away to help...
He outran my ability to turn and he got another great damage card!
My plane fell to earth, its pilot dead.
Lawrence decided he had to help Phil and luckily ended in the tiny dead zone of the Roland, which fired at Phil and missed.
The Roland got Lawrence instead!
The DH-2 'Immelmanned' and charged, taking 2 damage but causing 3!
Lawrence, with 1 point left, had to disengage, but Phil turned and fired...
 Another 'Bang' card, just what we needed.

A close run victory, which I couldn't share as I am toast!

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