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Saturday 9 December 2023

Our first game of Oathmark!

 Today, after finishing the last of my 235 Fantasy Dwarves this week, we finally got to try Oathmark!

Lawrence had bought some painted Elves from a chap at a show, so took one side, I accepted Roderick with some Humans as my ally.

For today, we used basic troop types, and no advanced rules or Spellcasters.

The Battlefield, with Roderick's esoteric Oathmarks as the targets. NB: we did not do the proper 'Oathmarks' scenario, which is why I didn't have 2 units near the central Oathmark.

Lawrence had some Rangers and Pathguards in the wood on his right.
Next, some Mounted Rangers and the right of his centre...4 units of archers behind units of spears.
On his left, Lawrence had more Rangers and Pathguard along with more mounted Rangers.
Roderick, on our right, had a 3 deep unit of Rangers.
Next to them an impressive Heavy Cavalry unit.
My Dwarves deployed on the left supported by Human mounted Rangers and 4 Goblin Scouts on Wargs!!!
My left had a unit of Roderick's Human cavalry, supported by my Militia, and a few Border Guards.
My Dwarven centre consisted of 2 units of Archers, 3 of Soldiers and one of Warriors.
At the end of turn one, we had moved closer, but no shooting yet.

The Pointy Eared brigade's left and centre had advanced too, but in a straight line.
On his right, though, he had sent forward his horsemen...
... who shot...
...and amazingly killed two of my heavily armoured Warriors!
Another fell to...
...Elven Rangers!
The Elven centre began shooting too...
...and killed a Soldier.
My Bowmen had failed to activate last turn, so had to really move their little legs to get close behind my Soldiers!
Roderick's Rangers opened up un some Elvish Pathguard...
...and virtually wiped them out, disordering the last one!
Lawrence's centre was now focusing their fire on the Human Mounted Rangers.
One of them fell! and the Rangers failed their test and became disordered.
Another Elven unit, the Mounted Rangers, also shot...
...and took another two down!
Again, the Humans failed, and scattered!
The situation at another turns end, Roderick's Cavalry had failed to activate again, and refused to charge those pesky Elf Rangers! - some of my Dwarves had failed too and were falling behind the advance.
Roderick had a hole in his line recently vacated by his Mounted Rangers...his Heavy Cavalry was failing to Activate with annoying regularity!!!
The Elven Rangers on our left managed to shoot one of the Cavalry.
Of course, he failed his morale and became disorganised!!!!!
My Border Guard went forward to screen my Warriors.
An amazing volley took 3 down in one fell swoop!
Roderick's Rangers were still on form...
...taking down 2 of the Elvish Mounted Rangers on his flank.
They even became disordered!
On my flank, the Mounted Elves were sent to counter my Border Guard.
Two of them fell!- and they became disordered too!
Roderick's Heavy Cavalry was still failing to activate!
Lawrence's Archers now began playing on a Soldier unit I had advanced...
I lost 2 men...and of course became disordered!
Goblin Glory! - The Gobbo scouts shot a volley...
...and killed an Elf
I moved my Archers behind to support my shot up Soldiers.
I killed 3 Spearmen, but could not get to the accursed bowmen behind, of course.
Another Elvish volley killed FOUR of my Soldiers, and they routed!
Another of Lawrence's bowmen units got a great result and killed two of Roderick's Heavy cavalry, I don't know why they bothered, the kindly old Gents in armour hadn't swatted so much as a a fly all day!

My left had archer unit now engaged... Killing two of Lawrence's horsemen.
My remaining Soldier unit was still taking casualties from Elven bow fire, but bravely took it.
A new turn, and the Elvish horse were wiped out...
...By my Archers again!
My brave Soldiers were still trudging forward taking casualties...
...from the massed Elvery!
The last Elf bow unit shot at them as well...
Did this last casualty disorder them? - not these brave Dwarves!
Roderick's Rangers were having a good day...
Wiping out in one shot another Elf Ranger unit.
The mounted Elves were ignoring the Heavies, and shot a wolf rider!
My Right hand Archers, stripped of their Soldier screen, continued to shoot.
...once again with effect, despite the fact it was only now we remembered the Shielding rule! Doh!
The Elf spears charged my centre Soldiers.
We caused one casualty each, and bounced!
Despite only throwing one die, Lawrence shot one of my Warriors!
The other one had to deal with a new threat...
My Militia took 3 losses, but didn't flinch!
Finally, Roderick's Cavalry charged the Rangers in the wood and wiped them out, they were unlucky to lose a horseman though.
my 'bounced Soldiers were now shot at by the Elf bowmen behind...
...were shot again, then charged by Elvish Spearmen...and held their own!
Another Elf Spear unit flanked them and hit hard, leaving only their doughty leader facing the Elven mass!
My archers helped, killing two more of the Elf Spearmen.
'Come on, ya Pointy Eared B******s if you think you're hard enough!'
Their supporting archers took a couple of losses from the Elf centre, but were ok.
Ta-Ra! The Heavy cavalry deigned to attack the single remaining Pathguard!
Job done! -The Rangers, meantime killed another Elf mounted Ranger. 
Roderick's Cavalry failed to activate again, and didn't charge!!!
My Warriors attacked and Lawrence managed to scrape a draw again, 3 losses each!
'Ah'm still here!
My flanking unit, which could have saved my centre Soldier unit now attacked, suffering from Elf Bowmanship as usual.
The Rangers finished off the Elf horse on Roderick's wing.
My Warriors charged again, and wiped out the Pathguard though losing one man themselves.
Roderick's cavalry charged, and wiped their target out too!
My archers took another casualty, but...
...their shooting killed off that spear unit!
My last Soldier unit attacked and beat the Elvish Spears.
At this point, we ended the game at turn end.
W ended up totaling up who had lost most, and it was the Elves - so, a first victory for the Dwarven/Human alliance!

Fun game!

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