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Saturday, 17 July 2021

A bloody affair indeed!

Today, the last game for a couple of weeks, we returned to the Seven Years War.

The Russians were out for revenge after my last victory over them! 

My Prussians won the initiative again, leaving the Russians to choose their side of the table to deploy in.

Our table, my Prussians on the left.
The Russian left - a strong Cavalry wing behind a dense double line of infantry.
Their right had a small cavalry brigade behind the line.
My left, opposite these, had a larger brigade of Horse, and some Frei Korps.
My right, with a lot of Kuirassiers.
My right began with the first two Kuirassier regiments racing out to engage the Russian left. I had no commanders better than average today, and one incompetent (with one of my infantry brigades).
My incompetent began well, as my infantry advanced onto a large low hill.
My left wing was delayed by a large wood, at least I had more artillery than the Russians, and the light infantry of the Frei Korps to cover my deployment!
The Russians had an easier time of deploying their left wing horse!
They had an incompetent brigadier too, and he failed to keep his second line regiment up with the advancing green line!
The Russians had a little more infantry than I did, and were clearly intending to overlap my line and overwhelm it.
Their weak right wing horse was screened by a battalion of Grenadiers and some guns. Phil seemed to not fancy his chances in a face to face battle between cavalry.
Phil had a good advantage in that his commander in chief was Competent, giving him 2 commands to use instead of the usual 1. Phil had him on hand to keep the incompetent's line moving!
I finally got a third regiment to follow my lead units on my right.
Surely 3 regiments of Kuirassiers would see off the Russians opposite?!
Frederick went to help Seydlitz who was supposed to be the battle winner!
My left wing cavalry was still trying to get through the wood, only Hussar Regiment 1 was clear of it.
The Russian left had deployed to stop my right wing horse, but the first regiment 'wobbled' and refused to charge!
He need not have worried, Kuirassier regiment 11 also baulked!
The infantry lines, meanwhile, clashed, and in the centre, one of my regiments panicked...
It fell back in disorder to rally behind the second line.
My troops on the hill were far happier.
My left wing artillery wiped out the Russian gun before it could deploy.
HR1 tried to get at the Russians Serbsky regiment in the rough ground, but a regiment of Russian Cuirassiers trotted over to engage them first.
Amazingly, the only result of the combat was my Hussars got disordered!
My left wing infantry blasted the Russian Grenadiers as they tried to close. Shaken, they fell back to rally.
On the hill, my Prussians blasted the Russians, who were driven off, barring one brave regiment!
Despite overlapping my line, they were being damaged by my guns.
The Russian regiment attacked again...
...but were driven back in ruin.
The battle between my Hussars and the Russian Cuirassiers continued, slowly the Russians gained the ascendancy. My Hussars were forced back to rally in the rear.
With the Hussars out of the way, my Kuirassiers smashed into the blown Russian horse...They were destroyed!
On my right, the Russian Cuirassiers finally smashed into my stalled Kuirassiers and beat them badly.
My second Regiment charged uphill into the Russian Horse Grenadiers...the Russians held as both regiments destroyed themselves.
The Russian right renewed its attack, but were met with a storm of Prussian fire.
My Frei Korps even tried to charge the Grenadiers in flank, but settled for sniping instead!
Things clarified on my right, as my third Kuirassier regiment attacked, the blown Russians retreated away.
The Russian left now collapsed as the front line retreated.
With their flanks threatened, and the failure of their infantry attacks...
Phil ceded the day to my Prussians!

Another very hard fought day!


  1. Enjoyed the report and the pictures; what rules are you using?

    1. Hi Gonsalvo, thanks for the kind comments, the rules are my own freely downloadable from this link http://herkybird.tynesidewargames.co.uk/index.html#