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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Battle for a hill!

Today, Phil and I returned to the Seven Years War, with my Prussians trying to beat my Russians, which Phil is using...It certainly saves me lugging 2 armies round!!!

I once again lost the initiative, so had a more limited deployment area!

The table- with our armies deployed.

I had a double line of infantry, with a cavalry wing behind each flank.
Phil matched my infantry, but had only 2 regiments of horse on his left.
His right was far stronger, though half his 6 regiments were Cossacks, Kalmyks and Hussars.
We had randomised brigadiers, I had a 'Brave, Competent' Von Seydlitz.
One of my infantry brigadiers was 'Cautious, incompetent!'
I had a second Incompetent, who was Cautious as well, for my right wing horse!
A Russian 'Brave, Incompetent' infantry brigadier. all the rest of the Russians were a pretty average bunch.
The Russian light horse moved forward quickly towards my left.
Their heavy cavalry moved forward more slowly.
The front line Russian infantry advanced.
Their left was slower to activate.
My right wing cavalry commander failed to get his command moving...
...save for a Hussar regiment!
My centre also seemed rather, lethargic?
I only got a Howitzer out on the flank to enfilade the advancing Russian infantry.
Even Von Seydlitz rolled badly...
...only getting a single Dragoon regiment off to face the Russian horde!
Withe Frederick's help, I got some infantry on the hill dominating the battlefield centre before the Russians!
Frederick had been supporting the Incompetent infantry brigadier, but as he was doing ok, Fritz transferred to helping Seydlitz.
The Russian Grenadiers, seeing my men holding the crest, prepared to attack!
They got off a crashing volley on my brave Prussians!
On their right, their fire was singularly ineffective.
My steady line returned fire, nearly as effectively as the Russians.
On my left, my Dragoons had driven back the Russian lights, and were threatened by a Russian Cuirassier regiment! - Who failed to charge!!!
The Prussian and Russian Grenadiers were killing each other...
...but the Russians finally had to give up their attack, falling back in disarray.
I single Battalion and some guns were left facing my men... a gun ripped into one of my battalions...
...another hit my already depleted Grenadiers.
On my left, Seydlitz led a charge into the Russian Cuirassiers.
My infantry faltered in the centre, as a regiment fell back. My second line advanced to fill the gaping hole in my line.
My right wing incompetent managed to get my heavy horse deployed, finally.
A Russian Cuirassier regiment raced forwards, overrunning my Howitzer.
I drove them off with a Kuirassier regiment of my own!
Disaster! My brave Grenadiers died to a man as the Russian second line attacked.
On my left, however, my men fired a good volley...
A shattered Russian regiment fell back through their second line.
A Russian regiment now appeared through the wood on my left centre.
Frederick galloped over to the right...
My Hussars had been approached by a Russian Dragoon regiment.
Frederick prompted them to attack uphill!
Amazingly, they got a balanced fight against the heavier Russian troops, who were forced to retreat, though my Hussars fell back off table too!
My Kuirassiers and returned Hussars now swept the wounded Russian regiment away.
My left wing cavalry was now driving off the Russian horse too.
I was, meanwhile, desperately trying to get the Russians out of the wood.
More Russian reserves arrived, forcing my men back.
Back in the centre, my second line moved back onto the hill.
My men were met by another storm of Russian fire...
...But returned a crashing volley that smashed two Russian regiments.
In the wood, my Fusiliers and artillery finally destroyed the Russian regiment there. 
A final cavalry charge on the left...
...which swept away the rest of the wing.

A very hard fought, and close run Prussian victory!


  1. fabulous and big game, hoping to get back to my 7YW collection by the end of the year


    1. Thanks Matt!

      Its been ages since we did 7YW due to the dreaded plague! - enjoy your gaming!

  2. Great game. It was a mad slog from start to finish!

    1. Indeed Ray! I was totally exhausted by the end of it, the issue in the centre came down to a few critical die rolls!