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Saturday, 12 December 2020

Pig in a poke?

 Today, I returned to Star Wars:Rebels skirmish gaming. (Using my own rules of course!

I decided on a scenario involving Hondo Ohnaka, the figure of which I have just finished.

I also finished a season 4 Sabine Wren, so i can use her with a jet pack (kitbashed from the back of a plastic Zulu shield!) - I still favour her season 3 look though!

The scenario:

Ezra Bridger has been approached by Hondo, who has said a group of prisoners are being held in a village - they are soon to be moved to an Imperial prison, surely to be worked to death!

Hera feels she cannot spare many people to do the rescue, but allows Ezra to take Sabine and Captain Rex. 

Hondo and an Ugnaught come with them as they know the location where the prisoners are being held. Hondo has told them the village is lightly guarded, so such a small force might be able to just 'sneak in and rescue these fugitives' without any difficulties?!

Sabine has painted Chopper in Imperial colours so he can reconnoitre without drawing undue attention from any bucket-heads... 

The village, the building the prisoners are in is the large one at the far end.

The village has large piles of spoil in it, which should be good cover for our heroes.
The Imperial complex, and left, the building the prisoners are being held in.
Hondo: "Well, Ezra, my boy, what clever plan have you got to get us through the village?"
Sabine: "Well, if its as lightly defended as you said, Hondo, surely we can just walk down the road?!!"
Ezra: "I think we should go round the right of the village, and skirt the centre, just in case?"
Hondo: "Of course, Of course! - we cannot be too careful, can we, my little friend" (Patting the Ugnaught's head in a patronising manner)
I placed several Portal Markers around the village.
I decided to give Hondo average-y stats, and as he had a tendency to play the Rebels and Empire against each other, he counts as a Portal marker, though of course enemy figures cannot appear on his position!
Although a 3 denomination(!) Portal Marker could see the Rebels in their start position, a poor D6 roll meant the Rebels went unseen.
Ezra lead the party behind a building.
They then tried to run across the road to the cover of a spoil heap, but most of the group were a bit slow, typically, Chopper brought up the rear!
This of course activated several Portal Markers which had line of sight on them, two '3's a '2' and a '1' - large denomination markers again!
The Rebels got behind the spoil heap...
4 Death Troopers had appeared, so much for lightly defended!!!
Sabine and Rex returned fire, Sabine wounded one!
I was operating the Death Troopers as individuals, so the wounded one stopped.
Sabine: " Ezra, watch out, these are not your standard 'Bucket Heads' "
Ezra engaged them with his Light Sabre.
Behind the Death Troopers, an AT-DP appeared, with a couple of escorting Stormtroopers.
The walker had no clear shot, so waddled forward with its escorts.
Ezra managed to kill one DT, wounded another, the third fell back.
Sabine, seeing Ezra doing ok, led the rest round the right while the Imperials were occupied.
Captain Rex: "Well, Sabine, for a lightly defended village, I, for one think we could have done with Zeb coming along with us!"
Ezra: " Don't worry Sabine, I got this!"
The Death Troopers were putting up a fierce fight. Ezra got another...with difficulty.
Sabine: "Quiet now, Ezra has them distracted!"
Sabine sincerely hoped this was the case!
Ezra managed to kill an NCO, but the other Death Troopers were holding their own!
Ezra turned back, avoiding the normal troopers and wounded both of the Death Troopers.
His advance also dislodged a lot of Portal Markers!
As Ezra killed the DT's
The AT-DP was still struggling to get a clean shot!
Sabine continued on her wide outflank.
Ezra was making hard work of the Bucket Heads...
...but finally reached the walker.
Sabine and Rex looked round at a sudden crash behind them...
...Ezra had won!
Ezra quickly moved to cover behind a house.
Sabine's party reached the Imperial zone.
They dislodged the Portal Markers, leaving a clear route to the Prison building.
Another group of Stormtroopers appeared!
...and began engaging the Rebels.
Ezra began running to help his friends.
...and dislodged the PM's again to the Prison building.
Rex was, meanwhile, pinned down. 
Sabine, Hondo and the Ugnaught were keeping the Stormies back, just.
Ezra finally arrived...
...importantly, this distracted some of the Stormtroopers fire from Sabine and Rex.
Most of the distracted Imperials were quickly pinned down, as Rex rejoined the fight.
Ezra closed in.
Sabine picked off another trooper.
Ezra attacked and cut through the rest like butter!
TXC 112: "Mummy!"
Chopper, Rex and Ezra drove more Portal Markers off table.
Ezra stayed guarding the spoil heap, while Sabine led the rest of the Rebels...
...to the door of the prison. Sabine finally got to use her jetpack!
Ezra prevented the beleaguered Portal Markers at the prison escaping... and they were destroyed.
Chopper blew the lock off the building, and released all the...Ugnaughts!
Hondo: "Melch! - my dear friend, how good to see you again!"
As Ezra rejoined the party, he rounded on Hondo...
Ezra: "Hondo, these aren't Rebel prisoners, they are just your crew, aren't they?"
Hondo: "Well, Ezra, you wouldn't have come all this way just to rescue my little piggy friends now, would you? - anyhow, there could have been some...Rebels...being held there too, couldn't there?
Ezra (storming off): " Yes, Hondo, but how am I going to explain this to Hera!??"
Ah well, Ezra taken for a ride again!!

Fun game though! 

(So much for the value of using Imperial colours on Chopper!)

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