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Monday, 7 December 2020

Gate War (2)

 "We don't leave our men behind!" Colonel O'Neill insisted.

"I never said we would" General George Hammond agreed. "Its just...are you sure this Tok'ra intelligence is reliable?"

"Well, General, I know its a long shot that they are still alive, but if any members of SG-21 are where the Tok'ra put them, we have to go."

" Well, if you are sure? if anyone can pull this off, I am sure SG-1 can. Colonel, you have a go!"

So today, I decided to do a rescue mission, following the debacle of my last game, so I took SG-1. 

Since adding a proper points system, grenades, C4 and Claymore mines to my rules I just had to use them!- even though it would mean facing more Portal Markers.

I gave my team 10+D10 turns to set up an ambush, before a Jaffa escort bringing the SG-21 survivors would come down the road to use the Stargate.

SG-1 exits the gate.

They scan the horizon for any Jaffa...
That is a lot of Portal Markers!
2 overlooked the gate so their total (-2 for unaware and the basic -1) +6 meant...
6 Jaffa emerge from cover!
SG-1 takes cover before returning fire.
None of the Jaffa are hit! - they are suppressed though.
Quickly recovering, the Jaffa advance, followed by a second group!
O'Neill waves Teal'c to outflank the Jaffa, while they lay down covering fire.
Now the Jaffa start taking casualties! - this halts them.
Teal'c reaches his flanking position...dislodging those pesky two Portal Markers!
Teal'c wounds a Jaffa, the second group of Jaffa, now in the front row, are shot to pieces.
Tealc's fire makes the first Jaffa unit flee.
The second unit are wiped out by SG-1's steady fire.
O'Neill, Carter and Daniel shift some more Portal markers on the right.
Teal'c does the same on the left.
Sam makes her way across the road to join him, figures in combination can destroy Portal markers if they are lucky.
O'Neill and Daniel sneak through cover, driving Portal Markers away, which is akin to clearing an area.

Finally, the Portal markers were forced back to the far end of the table.
Teal'c attacked a large group of them...
Carter stopped them moving back down the woods.
These Portal Markers now were virtually out of the game, though an unlucky die roll could still have them redeploy to better positions!
Now out of sight of any Portal Markers, O'Neill placed a Claymore covering the road.
4 turns later, a single survivor of SG-21 (Yeah, I threw a '1' for the number of survivors!!!) with a Jaffa escort appeared.
Luckily, the Claymore was able to engage the front group of Jaffa, without risking hitting the survivor.
2 Jaffa were killed, the others were wounded.
From all sides, small arms fire decimated the surviving Jaffa.
The last two ran for their lives!
O'Neill kindly let Franklin have his MP-5 while he drew his Zat'nik'tel.
One Portal marker, which had been able to displace behind a wood, was now able to see the rescue team, it was a value 2 marker.
O'Neill directed Teal'c to displace it again, while he went to dial home.
Unfortunately, Teal'c only pushed the Portal Marker down the line of the wood, where it could see the gate...
...it only spawned 4 Jaffa though.
Only Captain Carter could see them, and she returned fire...
...quite effectively!
The gate opened!
Sam killed another Jaffa, while O'Neill got another with his Zat.
Daniel took Franklin through to safety...
...followed by Sam, Teal'c and O'Neill.

Yay, a victory! SG-1 IS good!

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