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Saturday 21 November 2020

Gate War

 Today, I was going to have a painting day, as I have been solo gaming every other week in the current lockdown, but I really prefer to game!

I therefore dug out my Stargate figures again and played another scenario...

An SG team is on a standard recon mission, investigating some ruins detected by a M.A.L.P. 

The Gate deactivates, and our heroes begin a survey of the ruins.

The archeologist, Adams, is curious about the mix of styles in the architecture.
Franklin and Adams bear left, while Col. Washington and Hamilton check right.
Hamilton: 'Looks like a bust, Colonel, nothing here but trees!'
Washington: 'Ok, I think we have secured this piece of real estate, log it as a safe one Franklin!'
The team turns and heads back towards the Gate.
Adams: 'Hear that Sir? - sounds like an incoming wormhole?!'
The Gate is indeed beginning to come to life! (I placed Portal Markers in the Gate, and in the nearby ruins)
Washington leads his men forward, keeping to cover.
A wormhole is established.
Settling into a stable puddle, the team waits to see if its friend or foe dialing in.
Edging round the trees, Washington sees an unpleasant sight...
...a heavy Staff Cannon is being set up.
Washington takes careful aim...and fires!
The Jaffa is unhurt, but weaves his Cannon around, looking for the shooter.
As if summoned, 8 Serpent guards advance through the Gate, directed forward by the gunner.
The team sneaks round the trees, moving stealthily towards the Gate.
They set up in an ambush position as the Jaffa approach.
The Jaffa fail their spotting test and carry on into the woods.
Washington continues his flank move...
...and reaches the ruins by the Gate unseen.
Stepping forward, their weapons bark.
Th hapless gunner fall in a hail of bullets.
The original eight Jaffa had left the table, and were replaced by a Portal marker in a position overlooking the Gate, to allow them to return!
As the team waits for the Stargate to shut down so they can gate home, another Jaffa appears from the ruins and prepares to fire the Staff Cannon! (You didn't think a single Jaffa could have carried it through the gate alone, did you?)
Before he gets a shot off, he, too is cut down.
Adams: 'How long is this Gate going to stay open, those Jaffa must have heard that firing and come back!'
After a moment, several Jaffa come through the Gate, including the First Prime, who fires the Staff Cannon.
Hamilton is critically injured by a Staff blast, the Staff Cannon makes everyone else duck!
Overwhelmed, the team drag Hamilton back into cover behind the ruins, and patch him up as best they can.
The 3 remaining soldiers come forward and fire rapidly, The Prime is the first to fall!
As the firefight continues, the Jaffa fire is suppressed, but no more are hit.
Luckily, a 1 is thrown on the arrival die, so no more Jaffa arrive!
The Jaffa at the Gate are getting pasted!
More Jaffa come through the Gate and take the flank of the first group.
Washington is killed by a lucky Staff blast!
Even more Jaffa arrive, thing are looking bad, bad, bad!
Adams kills a Jaffa with his pistol! Franklin takes another!
Enraged, the host of Jaffa attack the two survivors.
Franklin is quickly overcome and driven away by several Serpent Guards, Adams fight on alone, killing another Jaffa.
In the end, he too is captured.
A defeat for the SGC! Who would have thought?

I can't imagine the prisoners will have an easy time...