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Saturday 4 May 2024

A Batch of trouble?

 Today, as my usual opponents were in Falkirk /Ayton /...or Babysitting! I was left gaming by myself for the second week in a row!

As many of you will know, its Star Wars day (May the Fourth LOL!), so there was only one of my solo rules games to play. (PS: I have redone the arrivals chart in the rules and supplements since last game - it works better!)

As 'The Bad Batch' came to an end on Disney+ this week, I thought I would do a game set during the Clone Wars, just after a strike force rescued Echo from Skako Minor.

I used a simple scenario, Clone force 99 would be tasked with destroying a CIS comms relay base.

The table for today.

The Separatist base.
The 'Bad Batch', starting from front left, Tech, Hunter, Echo, Crosshair and Wrecker.
I started behind a small hill, and worked out my plan.
We started left, keeping as much out of sight as possible.
Hunter: 'Remember, Wrecker, this is a stealth mission'
Wrecker: ' Ah, I HATE Stealth missions, I just want to blow things up!'
Hunter: 'That is the point of the mission'
Peering round the hill, there were Portal Markers behind the field and on the hills beyond, there was no way that they could reach the Comms base undetected!
The team jogged forward as they crossed the first bit of open ground.
Unfortunately four Battle Droids on the far side of the table saw them.
Battle Droid: 'Hey, there, do you think we are in range yet'?
Battle Droid (2) 'No, it doesn't look like it!'
Battle Droid: 'Roger, Roger, that is what I thought!'
Hunter: 'Crosshair, stay here and watch those droids'
The Portal Markers had moved from the field we had crossed, and were now massed on the hill.
A party of three more B1 Battle droids appeared there.
The luckless droids fared poorly against the clones!
Hunter decided not to wait for the next band of droids to come over the hill and ordered the attack.
As they advanced, another four Battle Droids indeed appeared, but did as poorly as their lead element!
Suppressed, the Droids were assaulted in short order.
Crosshair saw a Droid...
...and shot it!
Hunter: 'Crosshair, are you finished with those Droids yet'?
Crosshair: 'In a minute.'
Crosshair fired in quick succession.
The Droids fell, in quick succession!

Wrecker: 'Crosshair, do you need a hand?'
Crosshair: All finished.
Hunter lead the team in an assault on the station, leaving Crosshair covering them from the hill...
Some Super Battle Droids were guarding the station.
Crosshair got their attention.
The team moved though the station and engaged more Super Battle Droids.
By attacking, they also moved the Portal Markers from the hill.
Crosshair: 'Hunter, there are more Droids coming'
Hunter: 'Can you deal with them?'
Crosshair: 'Of course I can.'
The Droids moved towards Crosshair's position.
Crosshair was under a lot of fire, and only the fact he was in cover...and his Armour, stopped him being overrun at one point.
Hunter was planting mines.
Tech, Echo and Wrecker attacked the Battle Droids.
Wrecker: 'We are here to help you Crosshair...The Cavalry has Arrived!'
Crosshair: 'Really?!'
Wrecker: ' Are they all gone? - I was just getting warmed up!'
Tech and Echo pushed the last Portal Markers from the hill, thus securing the area.
Wrecker: ' Hunter, have you done this one?'
Hunter: ' Just finished, meet up west of the base.'
The Team relaxed, and started back to the 'Marauder'.
Hunter handed Wrecker a small device.
Wrecker: 'Boom?'

Fun game!

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