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Monday 26 August 2019

X-Wing: Clone wars

Today, I tried out my solo rules for the Clone Wars fighters in a game at home.
I found a few errors I had somehow missed in the charts, but that is the point of playtesting after all! The charts for all the Clone Wars fighters released so far are on our club website at this LINK

I based the game on a Clone Wars episode: Victory on Ryloth, where Wat Tambor orders the destruction of villages on Ryloth. Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano struggle, but succeed in stopping the bombers.

I only have one Hyena, so I used a heavily escorted one with 5 Vulture droids. I had Anakin and used Ahsoka and a V-19 Torrent run by the solo rules.

The battle would be won if I killed the Hyena, or the Seppies killed a Jedi.

Our forces...

 The enemy...

 All my ships kept straight on...
 ...as did the Separatists.
 We quickly got into shooting range...
 ...but at long range no-one got hit!
 As we passed through Ahsoka diced for the same manoeuvre, a Koiogran turn, which put us behind the droids.
 I got a stressed marker, but it was supposed to be worth it... but we missed!
The Clone's V-19 took 3 points of damage - fortunately he had 5.
 We twisted in a confused melee
I damaged a Vulture droid. 
 I got a lucky shot next time against a Vulture which turned in front of me!

Anakin turned off as several other droids were closing on him. Ahsoka and the Clone were still evading the fire of the droids. 
Ahsoka Koiogran turned and destroyed another droid. 
I finally got back into action and co-operated with Ahsoka... 
Ahsoka got him! 

 I turned, Ahsoka Koiogran turned onto the Hyena, which was isolated by its limited maneoeuvre choice.
Ahsoka got a point of damage... 
...I another 3!
That was just enough! 
The Clone had been weaving around, being saved by an evade action marker more than once! 
 I had trouble due to the bright sunlight outside - but when I closed the curtains I wished i had done it before!

 Nice models aren't they!
I think I have the Solo rules right now, and they will be up on our club website as soon as Andy gets round to it!


  1. Good game, I enjoy playing the x-wing game!

    1. Cheers pal! I too like the game, but lack enthusiastic opponents, hence the solo aspect!
      I think the V2 ships shoehorn nicely into V1!