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Saturday, 5 January 2019

And...we're back!

Today, we started back at the club with another 7YW game, I couldn't be bothered working out a new army so brought the victorious Prussian army from 2018!
Lawrence and Phil used the Franco-Reichsarmee.

I deployed across a stream between two low hills.
 My left consisted of a Grenadier brigade and a cavalry brigade. Some Hussars and Frei Korps were hidden behind the hill.
 My right was mostly musketeers with another cavalry brigade.
 The enemy left was very strong in cavalry.
...as was their right! 
 The Reichsarmee moved their infantry and guns forward at a spritely pace.
 Their cavalry also moved out at a canter.
 Lawrence's Austrian horse got moving...
 ...with the Cuirassiers du Bois in support, but the mass of French infantry and cavalry remained in position!
My left wing horse got moving out to Face the Austrians... 
...though a regiment of dragoons took their time starting off! 
My grenadiers took the opportunity presented by the the French inactivity to cross the stream with dry boots on the bridge! 
My centre stayed in position by the stream. 
My right wing horse had the same problem with dragoons as the left! 
 (an overview at this early stage)
My artillery began pounding the advancing Reichs infantry... 
 ...but only managed to disorder a battalion.
 Lawrence had his Austrians in line, but was still having problems bringing up his French horse in support.
 A brigade of French infantry now began a rapid advance... 
 ...trying to catch my Grenadiers crossing the bridge.
 The Reichs infantry advanced resolutely towards... 
 ...the solid Prussian line...
Their supporting cavalry wing was holding back. 
I advanced a few squadrons of Hussars to bait the Austrian Kuirassiers. 
 I had my horse deployed to support them.
 My Grenadiers were still dressing their lines, so to protect them, I advanced a brigade of Fusiliers to protect them.
 My right wing horse deployed to face the slowly advancing Reichs cavalry.
The French infantry fired on my Grenadiers, causing casualties, but my men stood resolutely. 
 My Fusiliers got a crashing volley on a Reichsarmee regiment...which routed!
My musketeers on the right had repelled Blau-Wurtzburg! 
 The entire wing began to fall back, dismayed by the routing regiment on their right.
 The panic was infectious, so even the French fell back after taking fire... 
 ...from my Grenadiers.
Despite the disaster in the centre, Austrian regiment Bretlach  charged across the stream...
...scattering my hussars!
 Left alone, the Reichs artillery continued firing bravely...
 ...A Prussian regiment was forced back in disorder.
 Phil's left wing horse, despite throwing a to countercharge, managed to beat my Kuirassier regiment 8, but was driven off by my second line. 
 Bretlach also failed to charge, and got broken by my Kuirassiers.
At this point, despite brave efforts to re-establish their line, the Franco Reichsarmee forces decided to cede the day.

The dice again! My Prussians are soooo lucky!


  1. SYW - the most rewarding of all wargaming conflicts. :)

    1. I agree! There is so much to keep you interested!