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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pics from the Durham show

Hi folks!

We did our Wars of the Roses skirmish at Durham Wargame Groups annual show today - a great show as always! - I spent a weeks wages just like that!- loads of things to add to my 'To Be Painted' mountain!!!

We had a good time and it was nice to talk to lots of people who came to us!

 Durham Wargames Groups WW2 mega battle!
 Same battle - close up on the Huns!
 Another Durham game-interesting terrain style!
 Old Glories stunning Warhammer 40K game..
 ..Gorgeous cityscape eh?
 Space Marines in the Piazza!
The hall entrance -Keeping out the Rif-Raf I hope!
 Re-enactors - The Durham Pals excellent display (no - not the plastic bag!)
 View of the hall at the far end to us..
 A nice 7-Years War game in progress!
Those Prussians advancing.
 Lots of stalls selling stuff!
 A friendly bunch to a man!
 Pendraken making sure everone knows where they were!
 The mountain of plastic that emptied my wallet!!!
Tony (right) from Wargames Recon mag chatting at our table!

Looking forward to next year already...when I have saved more money!!!

Thanks to the Durham lads for all their hard work - and for inviting us to do our game.


  1. WMC- you would be very welcome! - I think we in the UK often forget we live in a sort of Wargames version of heaven!!!!