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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Warkworth Castle

Last week, as a change to the club, I went with my family to mid Northumberland, although it was a bit misty and damp occasionally we had a good day - not least because we had a trip to the ruinous Warkworth Castle, one of the great Percy fortresses!

It had an interesting history, including withstanding 2 Scots sieges, and hosting visits from King John and Edward 1st! - For a bit more of the history go to Wiki link

On with the pics!
My Sister and Niece in front of the gatehouse.
 Although a ruin, a lot of the castle structure remains intact.
 The ditch, I would hate to have to storm across this!

The ditch is well covered by the defences. 
Inside the castle, less remains of the once impressive buildings. 
The Keep, restored in the 19th century, gives a better impression of the castle in its heyday. 
Going to the walls, there are plenty of 'Arrow slits' 
No idea what this is, but it shows the castle is largely roofless! 
My sister again, approaching the keep entrance. 
A view over the wall by the keep, the walls are about a metre thick! 
Going up the keep steps, we get a first view of the River Coquet as it goes to the sea. 
 Within the Keep, a lot of storerooms...
 From the front of the Keep, looking towards Scotland!
Some views in and out of the keep... this is near the kitchens.

 At the top of the keep, some secret rooms where the Percies would have resided.
Some very heavy bronze cannon.
 A nice swivel gun.
 The secret rooms were glazed - lovely view!
 The Kings and Queens, Earls and Dukes are gone, now only the pigeons hold sway!
My sister, showing the size of the windows! 
The mouth of the river Coquet and the estuary, a mile downstream from the castle. 
From another window, the village of Warkworth. 
The bottom floor of the keep, these are the storerooms and cellars with stairs up to the kitchen and Great Hall
 A map of how the castle would have looked in the 15th century.
 Arrow slits covering the entrance to the Gatehouse
 The passage out of the castle.
 Bye-Bye Warkworth castle!
A good day out!


  1. I do like a good castle visit

  2. Must have been impressive in it´s day, that ditch alone is massive.