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Saturday 30 July 2011

Wish I was there!

Once again I was having to work on Saturday - Man - I wish work would get a new person in post to do evenings and Saturdays so I can get my club Saturdays back!!

All I managed was half an hour during my lunchtime. Several games were in progress.....

 15mm Napoleonics - Did someone forget their glasses?
 Prussians! - dropping a standard - disgraceful!
 Les Francaises, avec les bent bayonets!
Craig and Frankie were doing Medievals with their Great Captains rules. 
Lots of Swiss - I like Swiss! 
 Yep, definitely like Swiss --Swiss...Roll!
 ..Like Knights too!
..More Napoleonics..
 Kieron (Blackadder in our last game) seems to be enjoying himself?
 Back in my corner of the club, Lawrence and Ian sorting Saxons and Vikings.
 Phil (right) chattering with li'l Pete.
Phil-- (Norman D Landings on TMP)s...Normans! 
Saxons beware!? 
 ..They didnt do so well against the Saxon shield wall, I later heard!
Looked impressive till then though....

This was the last club meet till  September 10th I think, as we have a sort of summer break.
We are at Border Reiver at the Newcastle Arena on 3rd September, then back killing each other on the 10th.

Can't wait....!


  1. Some very nice games going on there. Get a new job!!

  2. I gotta agree with Rodger, there's some nice looking games going on, the Swiss do look nice, as do the Saxons and Normans.

  3. Looked a good turnout again. As ever, family meant I didn't even make it in to town to pop in! Had trip to Sunderland Airshow though so not all bad...

    See you at the Arena!


  4. I like the club as you have access to several games at once, good pictures.