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Sunday, 24 July 2011

In Memoriam

My poor little cat, Holly, Died this afternoon after a short illness.
She was 17, and had recently gone blind. Death was a blessing for her, as for so many when the time comes. I will miss her!

Holly came to us 15 years ago from Cats Protection.
We had got a little tom, Mr Tibbs, who is still with us, but as a young energetic cat, his attitude was 'Play with me or I WILL play with you'!

We got Holly to keep him amused - it worked!

The day after she came we got a phone call, from CP, warning us 'Watch out, Holly can open fridges!' - too late, our tea was in the cat!
We got a child fridge lock, but whenever it didnt click on properly she was back in the fridge at night helping herself!

She always kept us amused with her cute ways, EG: she loved chasing sunlight reflections from my watch on the carpet and rolling luxuriously, as only cats can, on concrete!

When I got back from work in the evening, Mr Tibbs would meeow incessantly till he was fed, then Holly would sit by my chair till I sat down and jump lightly onto my chest and stare at my face for a minute at about 3" distance, tickling me with her whiskers, then, after I had stroked her, she would circle round for some quality lap time!

I will remember her!


  1. Sorry to hear, Richard. Cats just become an integral part of your life in so many ways. We've just got the one now (one had to be put down which I found quite hard, the other just moved out!) but I wouldn't be without her, even if she is a pain at times!
    Take it easy.


  2. I'm very sorry to hear that. It's always very hard to lose a cherished pet.

  3. Sorry to hear that, my other half found a kitten a week or two ago that had been abandoned and is now causing chaos to me and the dogs.

  4. Great stories. Great way to remember her.