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Saturday 2 July 2011

A Bridge game with the locals!

..Or a bridge too far just far enough!!!

We did a Wings of War game last week - but I have loads on the blog already so decided to have a week off!

Then I got the news I am having to work several Saturdays each month till probably the end of September --- so less games to put on here!

I will just have to make the most of those I can!!!

So - the Game! - today we did a Colonial skirmish!

The British were defending a river crossing.. 
 ..and had built several sandbag redoubts to fight from.
Daniels 10 men took the centre... 
.. Lawrence the right
Phil had a working party working downriver to Lawrences right. 
The first wave of  hostile natives appeared.. facing Phil..
 ..and Lawrence.. 
 ...and Ian!
 Ian was holding a circular hilltop redoubt on the left, facing the main native force.
 I had a small scouting force far in advance of the defence, (and the command group in the house.)
 My poor men were soon amidst a sea of natives! 
..Their fire only killed a few natives but after a sensible retreat then decided to stand and fight!
The natives, of course then gleefully charged in!
The subsequent fighting was brutal!
Belatedly the small group of soldiers tried to form a circle..
..and with difficulty...and 2 dead..beat off the natives!
The surviving heroes then made their escape!- back to the bridge!
In the centre, Lawrence faced skirmishers and spearmen..
..who were halted by lawrences mens fire.
Despite taking a casualty themselves, Lawences men held off all comers for the rest of the day!
On the far right, Phils working party
,,,destroyed an attack by native spearmen and skirmishers....though they got close!
The natives then changed tactics, and used long range skirmisher fire to greater effect against Phils men.
 The natives did not dare close to effective range though! 
 On the native right, facing Ian, the natives launched waves of attacks.. 
 ..But they all broke against the redoubt!
A last great attack nearly reached the position.. 
But with supporting fire from Daniels men and my command group...
....succeeded in stopping them!

At this time, we had to pack up, but it was clear to all that the natives were getting nowhere against the stalwart British defences! - The Empire is safe for another day!