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Saturday 16 July 2011

Russian into trouble!

This week, we returned to the Russian front!..

We commanded small platoons of Heroic Soviet infantry supported by a platoon of T-34s, in an attempt to throw the Fascists out of Mother Russia!

It is early spring 1944.
advances to reclaim the Motherland from the evil grip of the Fascist invaders are beginning again after the winter pause, casualties are being sustained which could slow the army's advances and extend the Great Patriotic War into 1945. Without concrete help from the allies in the west, the Red Army of Workers and Peasants would have to bear the burden of the war alone....

 On the Soviet right, a large platoon of irregulars drafted into service ..
 ..In the centre, the main body of Soviet infantry advanced with their Armour. 
..The irregulars were supported by a Kommisar and his NKVD aides. 
 In the centre, the infantry were left behind by their armour.
First blood went to a Fascist sniper shooting from rough ground at the Guerrillas.
 A  nurse rapidly and heroically came to his aid.
 Suddenly, on her left, a squad of Guerrillas was virtually wiped out by a mortar barrage--she would need more bandages!!!
 The fleeing survivors were 'encouraged' back to their duty by the Kommisar.
 Meanwhile, the rest of the irregulars cleared the rough ground ahead. 
On the Russian left a Panzerjager group fired at the T-34 there, but both rounds failed to detonate! 
More Russian infantry and tanks appeared to support the lead formations.. 
 Back on the left the Russians overran the Panzerschreck teams.
As the Guerrillas advanced they came under fire from a German squad hidden in a depression. A Panzerfaust destroyed a T-34 moving round their flank. 
The Guerrillas and scouts began to fight back... 
 ..and soon the Fascisti were overwhelmed!
..but not before causing several casualties...
..as the fascists retreated they were severely mauled by their pursuers.
 In the centre, the Russian reserves advanced in support. 

 More German infantry and armour had appeared...and had stalled the  Russian left's attack .
 The Stug destroyed another tank - and the crew baled out to take cover in the woods.
With support from the reserve platoons, the brave Soviet infantry on the left began to clear  enemy infantry at the point of the beyonet! 
The brave Soviet infantry continued to lose heavily however, and with a heavy heart the Russian commander, now realising he did not have enough troops for the task, signalled the retreat.....For now...

The Soviets had come across a (randomly generated) strongpoint!
Once again, the solo system had outfought us!

Players:  Ian - Guerrillas
Phil --Centre platoon.
Daniel--Left platoon
Lawrence and me--the reserves

The rules are available at: WW2 Skirmish Rules

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  1. Great batrep, great narrative......Kommisar's always try to encourage.