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Saturday 1 June 2024

Return to Oathmark

 Today it was just Lawrence and me at the club, so we had a quiet game of Oathmark! - I wanted to revisit the games we did under the original points system to see if my repointing would make a difference!

Lawrence used 2,501 of Elves, and I did the same in Dwarves...the scenario was a pitched battle.

The battlefield for today...

The Marches have seen many wars... and left lots of ruins!
My right advancing, some 'friendly' Arachnids unnerved the Dwarves, who failed to activate!
My Warriors fell behind as they were lugging a lot of metal!
I detached 2 Spear units to outflank the Elves. 
The Elves advanced an inch...except the mounted Champion who galloped about.
My Heavy Catapult lobbed a rock...
It landed on an Elf, squashing him.
The Elven lady Spellcaster cast a fireball in return.
My Artillery guard - some Border guard were hit! The lucky survivor was shaken!
My left at turn end.
My Apprentice was putting 'Gathering of Crows' on as many units as he could see.
My right, those Dwarves were still leery of the Giant Spiders.
Lawrence dispatched his Champion to guard the right.
Worried by my artillery, Lawrence split his Spear units. It also gave him more activations, but the rear units got poor command!!!
My Artillery threw another rock...
Another hit!
Realising he couldn't shoot over 2 units Lawrence recombined his spearmen, and the vaunted Elven Archers let fly.
...my small Spear unit took casualties and were disordered...despite the defence of Crows.
My Archers returned shot.
I had to shoot at the Elvish Warriors, but got lucky.
Another turn end...
My middle unit here got stuck in front of a ruin, as it couldn't clear it in a move, so I started sideways shifting.
My main Mage had been trying to enhance the Artillery all game, but either didn't activate or get the spell off!
The Elvish mages had no such problem all their Archers had Trueflight now.
The Champion was on his warhorse, hair flying in the breeze, looking and feeling magnificent!
Lawrence shot more arrows...
...Two of my Warriors fell.
At last, Explosive Ammunition!
Wallop! - medieval fantasy cluster munitions.
Lawrence's Archers shot again.
A Spear unit devoid of Crows, took heavy losses and was disordered.
The Elven Champion shook his golden locks and called 'None Shall Pass'!
At turn end, I had a shaky left.
My soldiers were nearly out from behind the ruin...
The Dwarves on the right had decided the Spiders were friendly after all!
The Elvish army was still in 'Acies Simplex' formation, who was commanding the Dwarves? Spartacus?
The Elvish champion reared his horse, resplendent in his jeweled battle armour.
The left wing Elves shot again...
Despite Crows, and Heavy Armour, my Warriors were getting shot.
The central Archers joined in.
...and did even better.
My Apprentice supported the left by laying smoke, under which the 2 spear units recovered their mojo.
My Archers were able to shoot past...
...All but one of the spear unit fell.
My Mage failed again, so the Dwarves shot another rock...
An Archer fell.
In the centre, my Warriors hit the Spear unit there, and drew, both sides withdrew, but I was disordered.
The Champion charged, and beat my Spears.
The Centre was really looking ropey.
Only on the right did things look good as my flank march arrived.
A new turn, the smoke vanished!
The Elves charged my Spearmen, but were beaten!
The Elves charged my Disordered Warriors, who survived, both sides lost one man.
My Archers shot again...
The Elven Spears were taking a beating.
The Champion from the central Elven spear unit charged my Warriors and won easily! My Warriors routed and were lost!
The unprotected Elvish Bowmen shot at my Apprentice, now in the open after the rout!
He had just cast more Smoke, but fell riddled with arrows.
The Mage got more Explosive Ammunition in the catapult.
A lot of Archers were blasted!
The Elves turned a bow unit and shot my flanking unit,
I charged the Champion on the other flank, killing him, but taking heavy casualties!
My Archer guard charged those Elves in flank...
I retreated even though I won, to keep my Bowmen protected.
I think my left hand spears were picking jewels off the fallen Champion.
A lot of my units were looking very small now.
On the right I was still strong, though.
Well, until the Elvish archers shot!
I charged, and only got a draw with the large Elven unit.
We both fell back an inch.
My fresh unit that had been stuck behind the ruin now attacked, but despite beating the Elves, we got disordered.
My other spear unit hit those immovable Elven Spears, and won.
I drove the survivors back to the smoke, but the right wing Elvish Archers turned to shoot my bowmen guard.
My unprotected Archers were still shooting...
...and actually disordered the Spears - preventing them charging my disordered Soldiers!
My Catapult saw the edge of the Elf Archers turned to face my flank attack.
Five of them fell as the rock tore into their flank.
The end of turn 7
Even my right had run out of steam, mostly!
Aagh! help me!
My Archers shot at the Elven Bow unit too...
...not as effective, but something!
The Elf Archers had turned to shoot my spiders, killing one, but now, caught in flank, they lost badly.
The Elven Lady Spellcaster had hidden behind a spear unit. My spiders charged them in flank! Heh, heh, heh!
My Soldier unit survived a last volley of Arrows.
My Bow Guards finished off that tough Elven Spear unit.
My other Spear unit attacked the right wing Elvish Spellcaster, killing him.
That was the end of turn 8 - although it looked like a great Dwarven victory, they had only Won by 150pts, Tough battle!

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