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Saturday 22 June 2024

On the Attack!

 Today, we were without Lawrence, so another opportunity to do my 'What a Tanker' Arab-Israeli war variant. (These rules and my solo system are at this LINK)

We did the Golan in 1967 last time, so I thought a return to the Sinai in 1973 might be a change.

Lets see if you can guess which part of the war in the south we are playing?

(PS: sorry for the lighting problem on the pictures, the sun was streaming into our hall and my camera didn't like it!)

I had a Sho't (Centurion tank) on the left

Phil was on our right, with another. Rhod was in our centre, with our third Sho't
Opposite Phil was a T-62.
I faced another, hiding in the berm around a Sa-2.
The table, showing the Egyptian deployment.
Rhod started forward at speed.
He spotted a T-62 and shot...
...damaging its running gear.
I ran round a hill looking for targets.
Rhod continued forward, heading for cover.
Phil was behind the hill on our Right.
The T-62 that had been damaged continued on towards Phil.
In the centre, the T-62 there spotted Phil and opened fire, he missed!
The third Egyptian was struggling getting over the sand, apparently.
I ran forward to some bushes...
 ...and fired.
My shot hit but bounced off, but his optics were damaged.
The crew wasn't too happy either!
Rhod was slowly advancing in the centre.
Phil seemed happy overwatching from behind the hill.
The Egyptians were probing forward, using cover.
My Sho't, having survived 2 shots from the T-62 on the berm, re-aimed and fired.
...another glancing hit, which...
...damaged his running gear.
Phil was still in cover.
The left T-62 was now advancing through the village.
Rhod went forward to the shoulder of the hill...
...his shell caused a catastrophic explosion!
The T-62 in the village now arrived...
...a lucky shot destroyed Rhod's Sho't!
Unable to help, I continued shooting at my target.
No more damage, but the near miss made the Egyptian retreat out of sight!
I got first move next turn and seeing my chance I raced across the table towards Phil.
Phil moved his Sho't to a hull down position on the hill.
The T-62, (now with Rhod in command) fired again...
...Phil shifted his position.
My tank moved slowly past Rhod's destroyed Sho't. Most of the crew had survived and were walking back to safety.
Phil moved back to his first position, as Rhod had fallen back to evade me, which put him in sight of Phil.
I raced to get behind the village.
Now, the other T-62 got moving, I had hoped he would fail to roll a '1' a couple more turns!!!
Phil shot, missed, but quickly rammed another 105mm HEAT round in the breach...
...Rhod's second tank blew up.
The final T-62 decided discretion was the better part of battle!
An HE round destroyed the SA-2. Job done!
Yes, we played the 143rd Armoured division's crossing of the Suez canal, where they dealt with several SAM sites allowing the IAF to join in the attack. I know there were no T-62s involved in this part of the front, but I had to make a battle!

Curiously, several desperate Egyptian SAM crews tried pointing their SA-2s at the approaching Israeli tanks, but got no hits!

Don't worry about Rhoderick's bad day, after this I got out a real retro game, 'Mystic Wood' where he played St George, slew the Dragon and won the game!

Phil and I were lumbered with hopeless waifs and strays, and were miles behind!


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