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Saturday 15 June 2024

A fight in the skies

 Today we were back at the club after a week off, and uncertain as to how many players we would have, we opted for Wings of Glory WW1.

As it turned out, we were 4 as Rhoderick and Lawrence were able to join Phil and me.

I randomly diced up Fokker DVIIs as the Central Powers force, we just picked what we liked to face them!

As ever the Germans were run by my solo rules: LINK

The Fokker scourge!
Rhoderick went American with a Nieuport 28, I stuck with Albert Ball's Nieuport 17.
Lawrence, surprise, surprise, had his usual Sopwith Camel...Phil was next to him with a Sopwith Triplane.
The Fokkers advanced in a neat line.
(Sorry, one or two pics were a bit blurry) - this shows Rhoderick hiding behind my N17!
Phil headed for the Germans, Lawrence headed for the table edge, what was going on with the Allied planes today?
The Germans were confused, for sure, and their line broke up!
Lawrence managed to turn back towards the battle, but he had a long way to go!
I went head to head with a Fokker, and lost out (as usual, our solo rules run planes do not count special damage beyond Bangs and gunner losses)
Rhoderick moved to support Phil against the other three Germans.
Lawrence was coming...honest!
Rhod hit a Fokker, but had his engine damaged by another.
Phil was circling with Goering's white Fokker. 
As usual, we had several planes on top of each other today!!!
I 'Immelmanned' and caught the Blue tailed Fokker.
Phil and Goering were still circling.
Lawrence was still coming...
The Fokker evaded my attack...easily. The worst thing a Fokker can do is try to mix it with a slower and more maneuverable plane like my N.17. 
Goering was running rings round the Sopwiths.
I turned to engage the other Fokkers, hoping Blue wouldn't turn back too quickly.
Phil turned from chasing the fleet Fokker.
I hit the pink Fokker, as it tried to hit Rhoderick's N.28
'Blue' was leisurely turning back to reengage me.  
Where was Lawrence's Camel off to?
The rest of us were mixing it in the centre.
'Blue' was getting back, they are quite fast.
Goering went after Lawrence, who turned to engage, but he came off worst in the exchange.
Having taken the only point of damage in the last turn, I got my revenge, but jammed my guns in the process.
Phil did the same after his next move!
Lawrence and Goering passed.
The two Fokkers on our side were getting together.
I was chasing Pink tail off the table!
The Fokkers evaded our attacks though.
Lawrence was keeping Goering occupied.
My guns were clear now, but I was on the Yellow Fokker's base, curses!
Goering now turned back to our side of the table.
I was doing surprisingly well fighting 3 Fokkers!
Goering was now moving towards Phil and Rhoderick.
AAGH! - Jammed my guns again!
I was still chasing two of the Fokkers, probably the safest place to be with jammed guns!
Phil and Goering each caused heavy damage on each other.
Goering passed Phil and caught Rhoderick!
I was losing my tail on Yellow, Lawrence was being chased by 'Pink'.
Yellow escaped me, poor Lawrence got hit.
At least we were all back together!
Rhoderick did well hitting 'Blue'.
Phil was able to peck at Goering, I was unable to fire without a clear shot.
Yellow and Pink were getting together.
Phil was doing well staying on Goering.
Lawrence was in danger from these two Fokkers.
An overview of the relative positions.
Blue turned back, but I caught him.
Goering and Phil were paralleling each other.
Rhoderick and Lawrence were engaging these two Fokkers.
I made a mistake and turned to help Lawrence, but Blue Immelmanned onto my tail, I was lucky though!
Rhoderick was being chased by Yellow.
Lawrence's Camel made him Immelmann again so Rhoderick escaped.
Phil engaged Goering again, winning the exchange of fire.
They passed at speed!
We were a bit mixed up in the centre, who was chasing who?
Phil was definitely on Goering's tail, but the Fokker was faster.
We had paired off in the centre, but no-one had a shot!
Goering turned towards Phil, who missed.
We were getting untangled in the centre!
...well, Lawrence was keeping Blue happy!
Phil kept on at Goering and hit him hard at short range.
Goering fell to earth! Well done Phil!
I was trying to get close enough for a shot!
When I did, of course, I missed!
Phil now got caught as Yellow turned, and his plane broke up in flames. (Phil now took over running Starck's Yellow Fokker, would he fight better than my solo system?
I tried to chase Pink.
Lawrence was distracting 'Blue' and was far out prior to an Immelmann.
Rhoderick was moving to engage Yellow, I went to engage Pink, who had Immelmanned.
Rhoderick's battle with Yellow was indecisive, I was luckier turning inside Pink.
Rhoderick was lucky now catching Pink as he passed me...
The second 'Bang' card from my double 'A' deck.
Down he went!
Yellow Immelmanned and hit Rhod...
...Lawrence was keeping Blue occupied.
A clever turn caused heavy damage on the German.
Blue had been heavily damaged and now fell to earth!
I was now engaged with Phil, but we passed without getting a shot.
Phil now turned his attention to Rhoderick.
Lawrence Immelmanned and headed back.
Phil caught Rhoderick. My 3 pts of damage on his DVII didn't distract him.
I tried to keep up and got a final point of damage as Phil raced away.
I boo-booed and ordered a left turn instead of the right which would have caught Phil as he turned, but hey ho!
With Lawrence coming back to engage him Phil decided to return to base as the last survivor!
That was very entertaining as a game, and the Fokkers could so easily have won!

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