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Saturday 3 June 2023

Galley v Galleon?

 Today, we returned to doing Galleys and Galleons at the club, its been a while and we found we had forgotten some rules! - still, they all got ironed out today!

We started off with a training game, to get Rod, joining us today, up to speed.

Lawrence and I had Royal Navy ships of the line.
Rod and Phil used Xebecs

They began by turning into a sort of line.
Me (nearest) and Lawrence sailed out of port to engage them.
Lawrence was more aggressive and took the lead.
The Xebecs turned to try and engage my HMS Apollo.
Lawrence turned to cross the Pirate 'T'
He got a volley off which missed.
I was wallowing a bit, and the first Xebec just failed to get into a grappling position, I responded with a gun volley!
I sailed on, my gunners desperately reloading their guns.
Again, I got a good volley into the attacking Xebec!
Both Xebecs were damaged now.
Lawrence turned to avoid the island!
The battle was over, the Xebecs were in no position to win!

The second game

We used a scenario from the rule book, a blockade runner trying to get through, well, a blockade!
Phil turned port to get 'out of irons' and prevent the Frenchman from outflanking us.
Rod was coming from the other side, I considered it a good trap for the runner to get through!
The runner was coming in behind Rod, using the wind to gain speed.
As the Runner got through the islands, Phil had a shot at him, then he ran straight into Rod's broadside.
The trap closed as I got in behind him for a stern rake.
The Frenchman struck his colours and surrendered!
Yay for 'The Good Guys'!!!
We decided to do some more games of this soon so we can get the rules down pat!, I don't mind!


  1. Yeah it’s a great game system isn’t it. I’m intrigued by the lovely ships - what make are they?

  2. The ships are from Wizards of the Coast's 'Pirates of the Spanish Main' constructible strategy game. unfortunately cancelled in 2009, although they can easily be found through eBay and other collectible sites. The Corsairs are from the Pirates of the Barbary Coast expansion. I have covered the exposed white edges (you will understand once you see the way that they are packaged) with a matching colour to enhance their look, and based them on MDF.