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Saturday 27 May 2023

Can Washington do it again?

 Today we had 4 of us playing at the club, Lawrence, Phil, Phillip and myself, and we did another American Revolution game, to see if General Washington could repeat the success of the last game.

In a repeat of the last game, I got Initiative, but not enough to be able to deploy in the flank sectors of the table.

Phillip (left) and Lawrence (well, his beard at least!)

My right had some Riflemen, New Jersey Continentals backed up with Militia.
In my centre I had my Maryland Continentals, again backed up with Militia.
My left, under Phillip, had two lines of Virginia Continentals at their core.
The British left was Light Dragoons, Light Infantry and Grenadiers, the best in the army.
Their centre was 2 lines of regular regiments.
Lawrence on their right had the Hessians.
My right only got the Riflemen moving at first.
Phillip got both his light infantry units and his Artillery moving. 
The British left deployed out to the table edge.
The Hessians put their Feldjägers into the woods.
The Hessian Artillery went forward unsupported, were they going to beat the Americans on their own?
I surprised Phil, by having some Light Dragoons (I had hidden behind the hill) advance toward his deploying light troops, 
I decided to try a solid line advance on the British.
Phillip was held back and sent his Light Infantry to deal with the Feldjägers.
Phil had his Light troops advance on my Riflemen, while the rest moved to deal with my Continental horse.
My Light Dragoons fell back, their presence would hamper the British Light Dragoons' freedom of action, I hoped!
The Jägers were trying to occupy the wood edges.
A brisk charge by the whoopin' and Hollerin' Americans Routed one unit, but the other threatened their flank!
My Heavy guns were not having much effect today...
The British guns were even upsetting my Riflemen, a much harder target.
Keeping his Dragoons back, Phil was able to start enveloping my flank.
The Hessian gun had retreated from the advancing American Riflemen, and now was harrying my advancing line.
Phil charged his elite Light Infantry on my Riflemen, who foolishly decided to stand and shoot.
The rifle fire was ineffective and the British cut them to pieces.
They followed up into my New Jersey Continentals, surely they would hold?
Nope! some great rolls again from Phil got him the win, even though he lost most of his troops.
Two regiments broke and disrupted the Militia behind.
This disaster so close to the British line would have opened my men to a counter attack, and heavy losses. My Americans are pre Von Steuben reforms and were unlikely to be able to maneuver to plug the big hole in my line, so reluctantly I signalled the retreat.

Ah well, never mind!!!!

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