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Saturday 10 June 2023

Conan's return

 Today, we did another game playtesting my Fantasy rules. I am still painting madly for the next planned game, so getting a call asking me to do a game today at 19:10 GMT last night didn't give me much time to prepare a scenario!!!

Never mind...here goes...!

After rescuing the Aquilonian princess Vanaria, last game, Conan suggested the party return to Bossonia and safety, keeping off the accepted routes. 

Since they had killed a Pictish Tribal leader, the Picts in surrounding areas had been communicating by war-drums, and Conan guessed the normal tracks would be well watched.

One evening in camp, a lady called Assange approached the party from the woods, saying that she had been driven out of her farmhouse by approaching Picts, and that if they could reclaim the farmhouse, they would have a safe place to sleep, and good food from her hidden store. 

The Princess insisted they must help her, so the Aquilonian nobles agreed.

 Conan said nothing, he knew he would never understand the concept of Honour amongst Hyborian nobility!!! - (he could not understand why Bossonian and Aquilonian civilians were still trying to encroach into Pictish lands after his retreat from the Black River a scant year ago.)

Assange led Conan safely to the area of the Farmstead...

The Farmstead (at least the Picts hadn't burnt it!)

The View from Conan's position.
Assange attached herself to the Princess, Lorenzo and Ricardo had their men at arms and Gentlemen adventurers in support.
Conan headed forward to scout with Hagar.
They continued forward, but saw nothing.
The Aquilonians headed forward leading right, keeping to cover as much as possible.
Conan headed into a wood where Assange had assured him he would be able to spy on the Farm.
Ricardo was dispatched to cover the left while Assange led the rest through the woods. 
Rather indiscreetly they went to the edge of the wood looking for Picts.
From cover Conan waved at them to keep down...
...too late! - A Pictish scouting party rushed from cover and attacked the Aquilonians!
Lorenzo came up in support, but Ricardo's men were doing fine.
Ricardo now shepherded the Princess past the fight.
The last Pict killed or run away, Ricardo also advanced.
Conan moved forward again.
Lorenzo moved after him, but where was Ricardo?
...He had gone to the top of a hill to spot for Picts...he found them!
Half of the Picts charged and were rapidly overwhelmed by the heavily armed and Armoured Aquilonians.
More Picts appeared to support the attack.
Oneri from Lorenzo's band took out the Pictish archer before he could cause any mischief...!
Although forced back, Ricardo's band were holding their own, only their armour saving them several times.
Conan had seen the Pictish Chief and his bodyguard near the farm and Hagar won the race with Conan to engage him.
Ricardo was having trouble mopping up the Picts on the hill, who were fighting like tigers!
Seeing their Chief in danger, large numbers of Picts appeared to help.
Conan yelled at Oneri to outflank the massed Picts.
Finally the fight on the hill was over!
More Picts appeared from the woods to support the big attack.
Fortunately Ricardo's men ran down the hill to distract some of the attacking Picts.
Lorenzo stayed in the wood with the girls, and sent his men to aid Conan, who had taken over the fight with the Chief.
Ricardo's flank attack was very successful.
Conan had a much harder time fighting the Chief!
Even more Picts were moving up to join the big attack.
Where was Oneri?
Two Pictish archers knew!
A flank attack by the Picts was developing.
Oneri won the fight! - the arrows in the trees around him showed it was not a given he would win!
Conan finally killed the Pictish Chief!
(Hollywood moment!)
The Picts on the flank seemed less certain of themselves!
Their Chief dead, the fight seemed to go out of the Pictish warriors.
The broke an scattered through the woods and back the way they came.
Conan finished the last Pict, the loyal bodyguard, who died with his Lord.
After a safe night in the farm, the party made the rest of the way to Bossonia without incident, Assange coming with them. 
Her husband and son had been killed by the Picts, so she had no wish to stay.