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Saturday 17 June 2023

What a ... Cowboy!

 Today we had a game of the new 2FLs game 'What a Cowboy'. I only got the rules 2 days ago so only had one read through.

Fortunately, we had a good teacher (Mike) who had all the figures and a lovely town to fight in. I was with Lawrence who had played before, and we were 'The Law' - with a gang of outlaws trying to take over the town being run by Frankie and Ian.

We had to deploy in a defensive formation, with only two figures being allowed within 6" of each other.

The Bad Guys aim was to drive us out of town or destroy one of the hotels. We only had to stop them.

The 'Bad Guys' had free rein to deploy anywhere out of sight of our figures.
Our two best figures deployed in the hotel at the far end of the street.
We were not using the 'Official' playsheets, but some home made ones, which are perfectly good and much more handy. I especially liked the weapon markers with all the ranges on.
One of Lawrence's men started near a privvy!
Most of the bad guys were on the Saloon roof, which gave them a good advantage.
In this picture my men are moving up the street, and getting shot at quite badly.
Some of Frankie's men crossed the street but my Greenhorn was ineffective.
Frankie was able to get behind the Hotel where our Shootist and Gunman were in the balcony. My Rifle armed Shootist had been wounded and forced to flee by the roof mob earlier. Here, Frankie's man attempts to throw a stick of dynamite through the (yes, non existent)- rear window.
Of course it bounced off and exploded behind the bomber!
My man from the fountain had gone into cover behind a wagon, then raced down the road to fire at Frankie's other man. My dice had sucked all day, and I missed at point blank range with my sawn off shotgun! - Fortunately, the bad guy, probably amazed he was alive, missed me too!!!
Lawrence had got behind the hotel and charged firing at the mad bomber...he was pinned by a near miss, but eventually got his man!
My white hat man had been forced into a building by heavy fire, but now he burst out and ran down the street to cover...
...a single, very well aimed pistol shot killed the outlaw the shotgun missed!!!!
That ended the game as the outlaws failed a 'Ride or Die' test.

All in all I failed to get enough pics for a proper report, so sorry! - i did my best!!!
I really like these rules, they play easily and have a lot in common with 'What a Tanker', though with a lot more rules to remember!!!

We will definitely be playing this again! - and I hope I will be able to do a proper scenario report then!


  1. Great stuff and very remininiscent of our game last Sunday...I am pretty sure I recognise some of the buildings in the town! We used Gunfighters Ball rules by Knuckleduster, but they sound like they function along similar lines. Click the link in my name back to my blog if you are interested 😊

    1. This is the link to my Gunfighters Ball AAR http://1808534.blogspot.com/2023/06/gaming-in-wild-wild-west.html

    2. Thanks for that, you had some mean lookin' games there, pardner!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray, they were fun to play!
      Yikes! I am a poet and really didn't know it!