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Saturday, 9 July 2022

Looking for America

 Today, we had a visitor at the club, Billy. We did French and Indian wars skirmishing using my rules Billy was unable to stay long, so we rushed the setup a bit...

I even forgot to take pictures till we had started!

We all took 10 figures and a leader- Mick and Billy took Rangers, Phil and Lawrence Militia and I took Indians, and we would defend a small settlement against some French Milice and Hurons.

Opposite Mick's Rangers, some Hurons and supporting Milice.
A larger party of Huron Musketeers and Bowmen to their left.
Billy had a large group of Hurons advancing towards him...
...with more coming down the road on his flank.
Phil would face some Milice.
My Indians were immediately attacked by an equal number of Hurons.
My fire killed one and wounded another, which stopped them.
Far out on my right, a group of Milice were filtering though the woods.
Those Huron on the road pushed forward.
Billy withdrew his Rangers as a strong attack from front and flank threatened to overwhelm him.
Lawrence fell back from the fence line for the same reason.
Where would they find a defensive line in the farmyard?
Billy's Rangers had to withdraw across the open ground, and his Sergeant was wounded.
The Milice advancing on Phil were taking their time!
I lost a warrior to Huron shooting.
Lawrence was taking damage as the Hurons pursued him.
Would they try and defend the house?
Billy had left by this time, so his troops followed the same rules as the French! His wounded Sergeant was killed as they tried to get over the hedging.
The Hurons were massing for an attack on him.
The Rangers were losing their firefight with them.

Lawrence fell back from the house as the Hurons advanced to outflank him.
The two bands of Milice advanced and fired on Phil's farmhouse, killing one of his men.
Phil fired a controlled volley and got 4 killing hits! - unfortunately they were all on the same Frenchman!
Phil needed better!
Billy's men had got into the farmyard and cover as the Hurons and Milice advanced round the farm.
Magua and his Bowmen and Musketeers inexplicably fell back to watch the action... 
as the other units around them advanced after Lawrence's Militiamen.
Lawrence fell back to the Ranger's farmhouse, some of their pursuers now turned their attention to me!!!
I had just routed the Hurons I had been fighting, good for me!
The Milice were getting the best of their fight with Phil's Militia, another of his men was killed.
After a final volley, his men fell back as the second Milice unit threatened his flank.
Billy's Rangers were still holding despite taking more casualties.
My Indians had a man killed as the Hurons and Milice turned my flank.
My men retreated uncontrolled, taking a female from the house with us! - Phil's Militiamen joined us.
Even more Hurons and Milice were attacking the Rangers, though the Rangers, for now, were keeping the Hurons off.
Although my Indians had wounded several of their attackers before they retreated, the Milice accompanying them began attacking the farm I had briefly defended.
Mick ambushed a party of Milice coming down the road.
The Hurons tried pushing forward against the shrinking number of Rangers.
Lawrence's Militiamen gathered the other ladies from the town, and positioned themselves to support Billy's Rangers.
(sorry about the hand!) Things were not looking good for the Rangers.
The French were taking losses too, but were bravely still fighting.
Half the Settlement was now firmly in French hands.
The Milice attacked the famhouse, only to find I had left!
The ones that had attacked Phil now fired at our retreating men.
Another of my men was killed!
Amazingly, the Rangers were still holding on.
Mick tried to get quarter from the French, we gave them a 50:50 chance!

Epic Fail!

The end was inevitable!
Even the Ladies were captured as they tried to escape!
I think we got well scalped today by the solo system!

Vive la Roi!


  1. Looks like a good game - hope Billy enjoyed it. :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin! - he has asked to come back the next time his shifts allow, so that is a good sign! - I printed him a set of my rules to take away with him, which he appreciated.