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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Camel getting the hump?

 Today, we returned to the skies of 1918 Flanders in a game of Wings of Glory WW1.

We had 2 new players, Rhys, who had played a game a long time ago, and Mick, a total newbie!

Lawrence used a Sopwith Camel, and had Mick with a Bristol fighter, I joined Rhys in using a Fokker DVII each.

Rhys liked the Yellow one so flew that plane!

The enemy!
I love playing on this cloth, it really looks like muddy Belgium!
Lawrence surprised us by turning behind Mick's BrisFitt.
The Central Powers moved forward together, though Rhys drifted right a little.
Lawrence was playing follow the leader?
As Mick turned, it became clear they would attack in echelon.
Rhys was drifting right again as we closed, what was his cunning plan?
I ended nose to nose with the 2 seater, my guns outshot it and damaged its engine!
I flew past with no further shooting...Rhys was turning away!
I turned after the British, and Rhys turned to re-engage.
The Bristol's rear gunner damaged me, hitting my flight control surfaces.
Fortunately, the British were separating.
Rhys rejoined me!
...and went after Lawrence's Camel.
I chased the Bristol, and hit him hard again, but I had a fire.
I turned away, each turn I had to draw an 'A' damage card for the next 3 turns!
Rhys turned from his pursuit, and Lawrence turned the tables on him.
The Bristol was on a wide sweeping move.
I rejoined Rhys to try and deal with the Camel in its absence.
The big bird turned back towards the action.
I saw it returning and turned back to head it off.
Rhys would have to keep the Camel occupied.
They were fencingb ut not getting a shooting position.
Lawrence came after me and I got sandwiched - I won the fire exchange again though!
As I flew past, the rear gunner hit me again...
My plane blew up, and I was toast!
Rhys decided to stay around to try and recover German honour!
Rhys turned after the Bristol, which I had heavily damaged.
Neither plane got a shot though.
At this point, Mick nursed his damaged plane off table, leaving the Camel to deal with the lone Fokker.
A sharp turn by Lawrence put him on Rhys's tail...
...Rhys, 'Immelmanned' in turn and hit the surprised Camel.

They passed again.
They both turned but passed uneventfully again.
Rhys turned to loose tail the Camel.
He then (?) decided to leave the table, but Lawrence 'Immelmanned' to follow.
Rhys turned back.
The Camel easily turned inside the Fokker and hit its engine!
The experienced British pilot easily slid onto the Fokker's tail.
The planes misread each other and turned away.
They turned back, but again the Camel had the advantage, though his guns jammed!
Lawrence turned to allow him to regain his 'Punch'.
He turned to parallel the Fokker.
He then turned to engage it again!
Rhys turned away giving the Camel another shot.
The Camel turned away, obviously checking his guns again!
He turned to follow the German again.
The Fokker turned across the Camel's guns again, but this time out of range...
...and made good his escape!
Ah well, a resounding win for the RAF!

In a second game, we ran Italian Hanriots against the solo system flying an Albatros and 3 Aviatiks, I got the Albatros and one of the Aviatiks, so my day wasn't a complete disaster!!!!

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