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Saturday, 8 May 2021

The other side of a Massacre

 Today, I wanted to use some of the lovely 3d printed figures I got from a nice chap on e-bay...Night Sisters from Star Wars:The Clone Wars.

I had a scenario I had wanted to do for a long time, but never had the figures, this being based on the attack by General Grievous on Dathomir, to eliminate Asajj Ventress and the Night Sisters.

In my scenario, I wanted to do a battle away from the 'Eastern Front' where Ventress was leading an attack against Grievous directly, supported by an army of Zombie sisters!

I therefore assumed the role of the northern front, where the sisters were trying to outflank the droid attack, but got beaten off after Ventress was wounded and the Zombies deactivated.

The surviving sisters have left the dark forests of home and are trying to escape to the mountains.

We have to make it from one edge of the table to the other.

The table...Left

...and right.
I (The figure pointing with her sword) led a group of Sisters on the left.
Another group was on our right.
We started in cover.
My group climbed over the hill to our front.
The other group mirrored our move.
I edged left so as to stay in maximum cover.
The Portal Markers were able to see us though...
The other group were advancing in the open.
It appears they were wise, as no filthy droids came out to meet them.
Their advance drove the Markers back.
However, a small patrol of droids now appeared in the centre. We were discovered!
My group used a tree as cover. We shot at them.
Our Sisters from the other group came to our aid.
Caught between our fires the droids had little chance!
To our surprise, some Super Battle Droids now came over the hill, after their patrol.
All the Sisters shot as fast as they could.
I led my group forward, to dislodge the Portal Marker which was bringing the Droids on.
Most of our shots bounced off their thick armour, though we damaged several of them.
A heavy weapon exploded near Juili, knocking her to the ground, thankfully unhurt.
Kari, lacking an energy bow, moved to kill off the survivor from the scouting group.
The last Super Battle Droid was firing erratically as shots rained on it.
Juili went forward to help her sister.
Falla, leading the other group began taunting the survivor on the hill.
Kalla put it out of its misery.
Kari and Juili tore the scout to pieces with their blades!
The advance now corralled the Portal Markers near the large rock formations. 
All the Sisters, now united, climbed the last hill.
As I was close, I ordered Falla's group to wait while we caught up.
We readied ourselves for the last assault.
The Tactical droid in charge of Dooku's forces now called for heavy support.
Two rolling death balls, I believe sister Ventress called them 'Droidekas' were summoned.
They stopped near Falla's group, who had advanced.
I called out a warning to the others, and led my group round the side.
Falla soon found her energy bows were no match for the shields on the Droidekas.
Only skulking and dodging prevented any of the Sisters being hit, they were lucky too!
The Droidekas were supported by another group of Battle Droids.
I led my Sisters from cover to attack from the flank!
"Ayeeee Ayaaaa!"
Two of Falla's girls were knocked over by the droid's fire.
Juili fenced with two of the Battle Droids leaving me free to slay a third.
We then attacked the remaining Battle Droids and overthrew them, I led Polla against the rear of the Droidekas.
Falla now rallied her fighters, calling their war-cry!
Polla fell to my left "SISTER!"
All the Sisters raced against the Droidakas in revenge, but Polla roused, she had only been stunned!
I destroyed one Droideka by pushing through its shield and cutting its head off!
The other one was trying to get its guns to bear. More Battle Droids now came to its aid!
...We now had the advantage in numbers.
Falla managed to do as I had, and killed the last Droideka. Ania managed to kill one of the Battle Droids.
All the Sisters surrounded the last Battle Droids.
They fell one by one!
The Tactical Droid: " Ha..Ha..Ha, wait till you see what comes on next!"
Suddenly, a green mist appeared next to him, and a red figure hit him with bolts of power!
The smoking remnants were cast down!
Falla: "Mother Talzin!"
Mother Talzin: "Seesters, You have fought well. But now you must leave Dathomir and hide"

Me: "But why? what of our home, and our other sisters?"

Mother Talzin: "Eet is over, ---nothing now remains but to hide until the time is riiight. Seeee, I have hidden a vessel to take you to safety"
A green mist appeared behind us.
Mother Talzin: "Go, Seesters, and make a new life for yourself amongst the stars"

Kali: " But for how long?

Mother Talzin: " Do not fear, Sister, you will know when to return, we will begin again and rise from the ashes,-- we allllways dooo!. Now go, I must talk to your Sister.
Me: "Mother, What do you need from me?"
Mother Talzin: "Morgan Elsbeth, you have led your Sisters well, now find a place in the stars with your other Sisters, and take vengeance for your fallen Sisters"

Morgan: "Yes, Mother!"
As Mother Talzin dissipates in a familiar green mist, Morgan Elsbeth turned and went to join her Sisters in the shuttle, plotting her revenge!

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