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Saturday 24 April 2021

The Reckoning

 Today, I did another Mandalorian game, once again using more Mandalorians than you can shake a stick at!

Scenario: The Mandalorian has received a cryptic message telling him to meet his fellow Mandalorians on the moon of Cowopkofay.

Intrigued, and wondering what Bo-Katan wanted now, he took passage to the distant moon. A message awaits him there, telling him to go to co-ordinates just east of the town he is in, which is near a remnant Imperial communication hub...

The table today, a mix of wooded, hilly terrain.
The view from the Mandalorian start edge.
At the other end, the Imperial facility.

To his surprise, Din meets the Armorer, Paz Vizsla and two other Mandalorians.
The Armorer: "Din Djarin, have you completed your quest?"

Mando: "Yes..., though I have to confess having removed my helmet in the presence of others completing it."                                             
Paz Vizsla: "Oathbreaker!"

The Armorer: "And why did you do this?"

Mando: " Once, it was necessary to locate the Child, after it had been stolen by the Empire, the second time because the Child asked me to as we parted"

The Armorer: " This is not The Way" she paused "Will you still aid us in our attack on the Imperial listening post, that has been trying to locate our new Covert?"

Mando: "I will, if you will still have me fighting with you?"

The Armorer: "Come then!"

I placed Portal Markers in likely approach positions as usual.
Mando: " If you can move down the right, I will infiltrate down the left, and we shall meet at the compound"
The Armorer: "Agreed, a sound plan"
The Covert made their way round a pool.
Din slipped down the left, clutching his Beskar spear.
The Covert moved stealthily, still out of sight of the Portal markers...
...as did Din.
The Covert reached a point where they would have to cross open ground.
They were already falling behind as Din advanced.
The warriors spread out, covering their leader.
Unfortunately one of the markers able to spot them was a value 4!!!
A patrol of Stormtroopers appeared!
The Covert advanced, firing.
Din helped, shooting one of the Stormtroopers from behind.
Paz Vizsla had a heavy blaster...
...It showed!
Unfortunately, more Imps appeared behind their patrol.
Din stood his ground to attract this new group to him.
Unaware, the Coverts were trying to take out the last Stormtrooper on his hill.
Success! they moved forward again.
Din had bitten off more than he could chew! his Beskar armour prevented an injury, but he was suppressed.
Din's fire had only suppressed one of the Imps, who continued to close on him.
The Covert had driven several Portal markers onto a low ridge.
They then appeared on the Imps flank.
Their fire killed one Imp and suppressed two more.
Unfortunately their good position attracted more Imps.
The Covert had their hands full too now.
Din - once his suppression passed, decided the best option would be to attack.
The Covert had broken up the first group, who were trying to retreat
Din attacked two who were isolated.
The Empire's fire was still preventing the Covert advancing...
...despite losing troopers.
Din pushed the two troopers back, wounding one.
Yet more Imps appeared to reinforce their attack.
Din decided to engage this new group...
...while the Covert tried to wipe out the Imps forward units.
Din attacked!
The Covert moved right to keep the enemy screened from the new Imp arrivals.
Din impaled a trooper on his spear.
The Imperials were busy, another patrol appeared behind the Covert's flank.
Din charged the reinforcing unit facing the Covert.
Oddly, one Imp in front of Paz Vizsla was cowering, for several turns, no one seemed able to hit him!!!
After killing the first trooper, Din attacked another.
That brave trooper finally fell as Paz Viszla took him out!
The Covert now advanced on the patrol.
They completely suppressed the unit and killed one.
Din killed the second trooper, avoiding the fire from the others.
Din now faced the last three.
The Covert killed all but one trooper, (again?!) - who bravely held his ground.
Din wounded two of his opponents, the third was driven off.
The Covert ceased firing...
The Armorer stepped forward. "Yield!"
He didn't...
The covert now rejoined Din Djarin, who had finished off his opponents too.
The Armorer: "Use the Rising Phoenix."
As the Armorer watched, the Mandalorians landed amidst the massed Portal markers... 
...displacing them.
Jetting back, the Armorer asked "Have you placed your devices?"
Paz Vizsla smiled, and pressed a remote in his hand.
The Mandalorians headed back towards town.
The Armorer: " Din Djarin, though you no longer follow The Way of the Mandalor, you are a man of honor, and, I perceive, will always be truly Mandalorian."

So, another fun game. I wonder what would happen if Din Djarin really did meet the Armorer? Would he be re-admitted to the Tribe, or cast out in disgrace?, in this game I made my best guess!


  1. I wondered that myself. (Also was it plot driven, or just the actor wanting :Face" time?). I can excuse showing his face to the "kid" as he armorer said they were a clan of two - so that seems OK. But the others....

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting! Do you think I got the tone right for the Armorer?!