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Saturday 29 May 2021

Ending the 'Fokker Scourge'

 Today, we returned to the western front in WW1, in another game of Wings of Glory.

We used French Nieuport 11's against Fokker E3s. Although we Brits like to think the DH2 was the plane that bested the Eindecker, in truth that laurel should really belong to the trusty Nieuport!

Against the 3rd Republic, 2 wily Boche pilots!

Our heroes! I had the beige Nieuport, and Phil the green one.
We closed, the difference in speed between these early birds and the later planes is striking!
I had side-slipped to pass the Eindecker facing me.
Phil exchanged ineffective fire with his opponent.
My opponent and I looked each other over.
Phil 'Immelmanned' to end up alongside his Fokker.
I continued past mine.
Phil's Fokker turned on Phil.
My Sesquiplane turned to pursue my enemy, who seemed not to be bothered!
I continued round in a leisurely circle. 
My enemy 'Immelmanned' and was closing with me.
I turned into the attack and just got a deflection shot...
The Fokker blew up and descended like a falling leaf as the flames consumed it.
The other Fokker turned to exact vengeance on me.
Phil tried to close with the lone German too.
I tried to turn on the attacking Boche...
...but we passed each other with neither side drawing a bead on the other.
Phil took up the pursuit of the Fokker as I turned to join him.
Phil got a long ranged shot as the Eindecker turned.
The German took light damage.
He continued his turn, passing Phil easily.
I turned to chase the German.

The German turned to meet me.
I turned away, to allow Phil to engage again.
Phil jockeyed to get in a good firing position.
The Eindecker turned to narrowly miss a collision.
I had 'Immelmanned' and moved to help Phil.
My fire was very poor, sadly!
The German passed me, and we eyed each other!
Phil started an Immelmann of his own.
I had done so and was hot on the German's tail.
He turned into my guns, and I hit him, but not badly (Fire results don't affect solo run planes, only damage, gunner losses and explosions do)
Phil was closing...
...and turned to engage the German as he passed me.
I 'Immelmanned' again, Phil was evaded by the German.
The German, damn his hide, was a skillful pilot, keeping us guessing as to his next move!
Phil and the German crossed over each other again.
I moved forward to set up a good tailing position.
A mistake! I turned the wrong way! Doh!
Phil and the German turned to meet again.
They passed uneventfully again as I Immelmann turned to rejoin the battle!
The Eindecker raced to meet me and we both took a little damage, but my gun jammed! - curses!
Phil was preparing to turn on the German's tail.
As I passed the German, Phil rejoined the attack.
I 'Immelmanned' again - right on the surprised German's tail!
Phil thought I would end the German...
...but my gun was still jammed!
Once cleared, I got a shot!
Phil was slowly catching us up.
Both I and my opponent Immelmanned and fired! - again my gun jammed!
Could Phil cover me while I recovered my weapon?
No! He took damage and Jammed his gun too!!!
The German turned to attack his two helpless opponents!
I feigned an attack.
The German evaded my 'attack'.
Phil, by now, had cleared his gun jam...
...and got the German as he tried to evade.
I, too had cleared my gun, and turned to chase.
I rapidly closed with the turning German.
The German looked to be escaping!...
...but he turned the wrong way!
I sent him down in flames!
Vive L'aviation militaire française!


  1. Nice looking game, lovely planes...and mat!

    1. Thanks Phil! - The mat is a one of a kind gift from a friend who didn't want it. Its perfect for Wings!

  2. So much for the ‘Hun in the Sun’ 😃...
    Great AAR, your solo system continues to give good games!

    1. Thanks! I think this game was more a case of' The Hun on the run!'
      In the following unpictured game, the Huns definitely got their revenge!

  3. Ooh, makes me wanna get my planes out again. Your solo rules have given me hours of joy, WoW & x-wing. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments! I am sooo glad other people like my rules and thank you so much for letting me know!!!