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Saturday, 22 May 2021

Return to the Tanks

 Today, we had our return to the Wargames club after several months in lockdown, and decided to do What a Tanker. As in our previous games since the start of Covid-19, it was just Phil and myself playing the solo system.

Game 1:

The table used in the games today.

I used a Hotchkiss H-39
Phil used another.
Against us were...
...a pair of Panzerjäger I 's
We fought across the table in this game.
Phil raced forward in his little tank!
Spotting one of the Boche, he opened fire.
A hit!
The German had damage to his drive train.
Unable to get a shot back, the German had to try and move position.
My Hotchkiss moved forwards rather slower!
I was far away from both friend and foe!
The other Panzerjäger I, though slow off the mark, was soon coming to his colleagues' assistance.
The other one was trying to land a good shot with his Czech 47mm.
The Frenchmen were fairly safe, being both small and in cover.
He managed another shot...
...but missed.
The German loaded another round...
The shot bounced of the French tank, but upset the crew.
The Germans cheered, and prepared to shoot again!
My H-39 managed to get into a firing position...finally.
My shot missed, I thought, but at least I was in action!
Phil now withdrew to recover his command die in peace!
I continued to advance, trying to outflank the German.
It shifted its attention to me.
My shot had damaged its optics, so I had the advantage!
I fired on the move...
...no damage, but the German fell back.
Phil now returned to the fray.
He was on the flank of the German.
I raced round the flank...ignoring the other Panzerjäger I, which was coming on my flank.
My shot destroyed the Tank destroyer.
The other Panzerjäger I now engaged me,but I was lucky...
...only a glancing hit!
My crew was seriously upset though.
Phil came down to outflank this last German.
He fired several rounds in quick succession...
...and seriously damaged the lighter vehicle.
My tank, having got its 'mojo' back, fired again and hit the German vehicle, upon which the crew bailed out (Where did all those Germans come from though!!!)
Victory for France!

The second game:
For our second game, we faced a Panzer 38(t)...

....supported by a Panzer II.
Phil had a Russian BT-7...
...I used another.
I raced forwards to engage the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t)...
It reciprocated!
The Panzer II moved towards cover, facing Phil.
Phil moved his tank to cover.
He fired.
A lucky long range hit...
..damaged its optics.
My BT reached a position in a field where I could duel with the Pz 38t.
The German got a good shot in...
...and hit my eggshell.
My running gear was damaged.
Unable to reply, the German shot again...
...a glancing blow which upset my crew.
Not quite a T-34!
The Panzer II reached cover from Phil's shooting.
The Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) was having a fine time shooting at me...
A glancing hit again!
...My crew were stunned.
I tried to retreat to a safer position, but with damaged running gear, this proved impossible!
Another hit from the German made my crew abandon their vehicle (I know, British crew!!!)
Phil decided that discretion was the better part of valour!
A German victory! 

We did a third game... 
...pitting 2 Shermans...
...against a StuG III.
We won this one!

Good day and some fun gaming. Its good to be back!

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