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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Prussian Resurgence?

Today, we returned for yet another game of Seven Years War, involving my Prussians and Phil's Russians. After 2 defeats, Game 1 Game 2
could my Prussians start the new year with a change in fortunes?

Lawrence joined Phil, and I got Andy Mcmaster, which is a surprise as he is rarely able to get games in due to life commitments!.

Ah well, on with a description of the battle...

The battlefield, a steep hill on the left, 2 woods and 2 low hills.
 The Prussians, for a change, got to be the attackers, but the Russians Cossack hordes kept us from being able to deploy in both side sectors, only one!
Andy, trying to steal the souls of the Russian cavalry! 
Andy had Von Seydlitz and a cavalry brigade, a Heavy gun battery, and two brigades of infantry. 
 I had Frederick, and two infantry brigades...
 ...My cavalry were forced to deploy between my infantry. I had the two Incompetent brigadiers (The yellow dice show where they are!) who messed up my battle plan last game!
Opposite me, Lawrence deployed on and around the steep hill. 
Phil, opposite Andy, had his cavalry deployed behind his infantry and artillery. 
My Cavalry commander only managed to get his Hussars moving!
My incompetents only got the Frei Korps to occupy the small wood to their front.
Most of my force ceded the initiative to the Russians!
Frederick at least persuaded one of them to advance a fusilier regiment to support...
... Andy's advancing infantry!
He struggled to get his Heavy gun on top of the low hill.
Andy managed to get Seydlitz forward with a Kuirassier regiment, supported by a second regiment.
He managed to keep his supporting units at a safe distance behind the forward unit,
Lawrence reacted by advancing his Cossack and Serbian horse over the steep hill, supported by a regiment of Cuirassiers.
The Russian infantry started in a dense mass, satisfying themselves with firing their guns at long range.
Phil moved his infantry onto the reverse slope of the low hill to his front, they had a competent brigadier, as did the Russian right wing horse.
My infantry, rather than risk a fight with the Russian infantry, halted at long range opposite them.
Apart from the occasional disordering effect - this long range bombardment failed to have any significant effect on the game.
Andy's Kurrasiers faced twice their number of Russians, who had rapidly formed a long line!
The Competent cavalry officer even managed to get a formed line of dragoons and Horse Grenadiers up in support!
Both sides clashed! one Russian Cuirassier regiment was able to continue the melee.
The other, beaten badly, was forced to retire through their supporting line and rally. Amazingly they did not break!
Numbers eventually told against the brave Prussians.
The second line Prussian Kuirassiers broke the pursuing Russians, and the reserve units were thrown into disarray, but the Prussians were blown.

On my wing, the Cossacks forced my Hussars back...
...but they quickly rallied and, with the support of a Kuirassier regiment, broke the Asiatics!
The Russians had got reserve units up though!
In the centre, my Frei Korps, without any orders from the Dummkopf brigadiers, slowly advanced alone toward the waiting Russians!
Meanwhile the Russian hussars attacked my pursuing Hussars, while their Cuirassiers attacked mine.
The Serbs were quickly beaten...
...and pursued off by HR1.
My Kurassiers broke their Russian opponents too!
Both regiments formed behind the Russian left, threatening to sweep them away.
At this point, the Russians ceded the day, My Grenadiers, moving into line had not quite managed to complete their deployment. 'Oh Bugger'! - Time for tea lads!

At least the Prussian honour is restored!

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