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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Armoured cars in What a Tanker

Today, we had three games of What a Tanker, using some rules for armoured cars I have been working out. (If anyone wants a copy, just e-mail me at richardbradley5@gmail.com)

I have done pictures of two of the games to let you see what happened!

The first game:

Phil and Lawrence had Staghound Armoured cars, Phil's had a 75mm gun. 
I faced them with a Panzer IV H, which is brave considering I have never won a game of WaT using one, but there is always a first time!!! 
 I deployed in the centre of the side table edge.
Phil's 75mm armed Staghound on the other side on the right. 
Lawrence was opposite me. 
Lawrence began by advancing along a hedgeline. 
 My tank spotted him and fired!
I hit with an 11! but my shot bounced off the lightly armoured Brit! 
 The Daimler fired back, but missed.
My Panzer decided to go toward the main road, so I could fight one enemy vehicle at a time. 
My first shot from the new position... 
...a clean miss! 
Phil, meanwhile had started to move round my flank...
His little vehicle got into hard cover easily. 
I was not too concerned, as he hadn't spotted me yet. 
 I fired another big shell at Lawrence...and missed!
 Lawrence fired back...
 The shot whanged off my armour!
It upset the crew a bit though!
I returned fire, and missed again! 
Giving up, I crossed the road towards Phil, which broke line of sight with Lawrence's 'little tank'. 
Phil spotted me and fired. 
My untroubled Panzer continued to advance. 
 Lawrence now decided to move towards my rear...
...he made it to the road, which made his vehicle faster. 
...he executed a sharp turn... 
 ...and got firmly behind my flank... 
...and fired!
 The 2 pdr gun just bounced a shell off my armour!
 Phil, too, was shooting...
... but not hitting. 
 I moved forward, to put more terrain between Lawrence and my tank. 
I fired, but my shot bounced off...again!  
I moved first next turn, and decided to go for broke. 
 I managed to miss!!! 
 Phil didn't!!!

The second game:

Phil took a Daimler armoured car...
 The solo system ran the other.
I used a Pzkw 231 8 Rad Armoured car. 
Lawrence took a Panzer IIc. 
Lawrence started off at a pace towards the British. 
I, too, pushed forward. 
 One of the Daimlers moved to join the other...
 ...which had just climbed a hill in the corner opposite us.
My big car moved toward the tarmacked road.  
 Lawrence was able to see both British cars, but felt too exposed.
 The British fired, but at long range, their fire missed. 
 Lawrence, with his Aussie dice (Lightening is move, sandwich is a wild dice) got a move and a half roll!
He decided to move towards me. 
He moved on... 
...right past me... 
...behind a field out of sight of the enemy. 
 My 231 spotted one enemy car and fired.
...it Hit the turret!.
 ...and cost the Daimler a command die! 
Unfortunately, with Lawrence unable to help, both British vehicles got shots at me... 
...My 241 was quickly destroyed! 
Lawrence's Panzer II wisely decided to quit the field!

That was not a very good day for me, once again my dice let me down, especially in the first game! New Year? - same old bad luck!!!

In the third game, Phil and Lawrence used M8 armoured cars against a solo run Sdkfz 234 with 50mm gun. The 'Puma' trashed them!!!

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