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Saturday 21 December 2019

Prussian revenge?

Today, we had another Seven Years War game, and I took the opportunity to try and get revenge for my defeat at the hands of the dastardly Russians last game.

Things started off badly for the Prussians, with my awful die rolls for reconnaissance and deployment. The Russians got to deploy in both flank sectors, while my Prussians  were stuck in the central sector.

The Prussian line, with cavalry behind each infantry wing.
 The Russian right, Light horse supported by heavy cavalry.
Their centre had Grenadiers behind a line of musketeers.  
 Their left had two regiments of Cuirassiers a regiment of Dragoons, and a regiment of Horse Grenadiers.
 The battlefield at the game's start.
 My next bit of bad luck - my brigadier quality (All those yellow dice show the brigadier to be incompetent!)
 My opponents had all average, apart from the left wing cavalry commander, who was Brave and Competent!)
 Naturally, this Cavalry general had his Cuirassiers on the move very quickly.
 The Horse grenadiers moved up in their support.
 I was glad I had my cavalry in line already to move against them!
 The Russian infantry passed into the wood before them.
 On their centre right, a single line of battalions moved to engage me.
The right wing horse moved forward slowly... 
 ...giving space for their light horse to push round my left wing!
 My left wing commander managed to get some Kuirassiers to protect the guns, Hussar regiment 1 deployed out to face the Kalmyks.
 My left wing infantry, Grenadiers and fusiliers, began to deploy out. 
The Frei Korps and a regiment of musketeers advanced to counter the enemy in that wood. 
 My incompetent right wing commander only got one regiment of Kuirassiers out to face the Russians.
 Regiment Novotróitskiy thundered into them, catching them while they manoeuvered...
...My regiment survived, but retreated in disorder from the melee, while regiment Novotróitskiy rallied in place.
 My Grenadiers got the best of the initial firefight with the line of Russian infantry.
Even Frei infantrie von Mayr  managed to disorder the Corps of Observation grenadiers as they exited the woods! 
 Once halted, they even started causing casualties. The Russians were saving their 'First Fire' bonus for my following musketeers.
My grenadiers were still holding on even though the failure of my centre infantry commanders (incompetents!) to advance in their support allowed the Russians to envelop my line! 
The Russian guns got a good volley of canister shot into my Grenadiers, but they held! Brave men!  
 My left wing Kuirassier regiment, having driven off the Russian light cavalry, now tried to drive their supporting Cuirassiers off the hill, but they were beaten - again the vaunted Prussian Kuirassiers had failed to beat inferior opposition!!!!
 Finally! - one of my useless centre commanders advanced a regiment which advanced onto the flank of the Russians enfilading my Grenadiers... 
 The Russians were shredded, and fell back in disorder.
The Corps of Observation grenadiers had exited the wood, driving off the Frei Korps, their volley badly damaged one of my battalions, but their return fire equally damaged the Grenadiers! - this routed them! as they fled they caused their following musketeers to retreat from the wood too!
 Regiment Novotróitskiy now attacked the dragoons, who had failed to advance in support of my beaten right wing Kuirassiers... 
 Naturally, the Russians routed them!
The end of the game...The Russian Cuirassiers had routed my men off the hill, though I had reserves to help. 
On the right, Russian Grenadiers had moved round the wood and were now, supported by the rest of the Russian left wing cavalry, threatening the right flank of my infantry...
...Ah well, another defeat. But...

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