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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Tanks for pointing that out!

Today, we returned to playing 'What a Tanker' - but this time balancing the forces with my new points system!

In all, I had 5 games! - the reason why is going to be apparent very soon!....

Once again, we were playing on Lawrences lovely terrain! He ran a StuG IIIg, I a Cromwell tank (on the left of this picture)
I began by racing across the table towards cover behind a field... 
....I got a shot off on my opponent... 
...I Missed!
He returned a brilliant shot!
...which I completely failed to counter! 
 My tank burst into flame, and the crew baled out!

Next game!

We re-ran it to see if different tactics would change the result?
 The StuG - like a spider in a web, awaiting new prey, or perhaps a second turret ring!
 I raced forward again, but this time into a walled enclosure...
The StuG fell back as my shot went near. 
 He traded shots with the Cromwell.
 Things were going better for my plucky Brits!
My fire went wide and he returned to the hedge, shooting! 
Another brilliant die roll! 
Ah well! - the poor crew didn't get out this time.

Phil joined us now, so we changed tanks, I had an M5 Stuart... 
...and Phil took the other. 
The terrain was the same, its funny with this game how different encounters on the same terrain can play so differently. 
My M5 raced forward to engage the enemy. 
 Phil moved to outflank the StuG while...
...I engaged it frontally. 
I closed the range...
The StuG engaged me with his big gun, but missed! 
 Phil had outflanked the StuG, and fired.
 3 Hits!...
...no saves! - the Stug burned with its crew. 

Phil and I stayed with our Stuarts.

...but Lawrence used a Panzer IV this time! 
I raced my M5 for the walled field... 
I acquired and fired at the Panzer.
1 hit! 
No saves! 
 I damaged his running gear...
 He managed to use his next activation to get into a good defensive position.
 My accurate fire drove him back though.
 Phil and I now had the Panzer bracketed.
Phil hit the Panzer, and it retired to try and recover!
Seeing my M5 coming round his flank, Lawrence now retired further, hoping to face my M5 alone. 
 Our fire had severely damaged the Panzer, as can be seen here.
 Before long, my M5 got a good flank shot in! 
 The Panzer crew bailed from their wrecked tank.

So, Game 5!

Phil decided to try a KV2!
A fierce beast, called Babushka (Yah Yah!) 
We use 2 later Panzer IIIjs. 
 These sported the 50mm L60 gun.

 The KV advanced, after seeing Lawrence's Panzer moving to outflank him.
 His fire, fortunately, missed me as I maneuvered. 
 Lawrence had a lot of 'Move' dice, and began to circumnavigate the table! 
 When he was able to see the KV, he fired.
 The KV, seemingly impervious to our fire, moved rapidly to close with me! I was lucky not to be hit! 
Lawrence continued his sojourn! 
Soon, he was able to join in with my assault on the behemoth! 
 I managed a flank shot, but failed to cause real damage.
 I continued to go round the rear of the KV, though this left me vulnerable with my flank to the enemy.
both Panzer III's now began to pummel the hapless Russians. 
 Finally, after a final damaging hit, the crew bailed.
I think our Germans were very lucky to have got away undamaged from this battle! I thought at least one of our tanks would have been swatted like a bug!

Overall, it seemed to the players that my points balance worked well, so far, which I am happy about.

 I am working on a proper solo system for the game at the moment, though this is taking a lot more analysis and effort than I first thought!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Tamsin!

      For very little outlay, we are getting a lot of fun from this game! I am even currently enjoying this more than X-Wing!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Nick, I often forget to take pictures at key points as I get engrossed in the game! I am only glad my mates remind me from time to time!!!

  3. Great report...I particularly enjoyed the last bit vs the KV1!

    1. The KV2 could have wiped the floor with my tank on several occasions in that game! I was lucky!