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Saturday, 16 April 2016

StuG in the middle with you!

Today, Lawrence and I tried my new version WW2 skirmish rules with a Normandy scenario.
We played a platoon of British infantry operating before Caen during 'Operation Goodwood' - we were tasked with clearing a hill on the flank of the armoured columns advance down the road to our left.
We were to set up a six-pounder on the hill. We could use the gun, and had a Sherman in support in case things got 'sticky' !

The battlefield from the German side, the hill we were to take  on the right here.
  The table from our side, our first move would be to arrive here. 
 Lawrence, in command, sent a section up the fence line, with a scout ahead.
 I set the AT gun in cover to support our infantry advance.
A StuG 111 behind a fence spotted my infantry advancing. as per the rules change, all the counters within 12" or in line of sight of the enemy are activated too!
 The Q marker is a mortar strike. In the new rules, the marker can now look for a target to hit!
The 6 pounder was screened by my infantry which was advancing on the right. 
The StuG fired its main gun. 
 One of my Bren teams was hit killing one man and wounding another.
A mortar round landed, killing the wounded man, the survivor ran! 
This cleared the way for the 6 pounder, which fired... 
...a hit! - but the round simply bounced off its forward armour! 
 The German assault gun, failing to spot the gun, 3 point turned towards its infantry.
 This screened it from fire, but my infantry had run into the wood... 
...so it had no targets to engage either.
On Lawrence's flank, a mortar round landed, killing one of his scouts. 
 After a pause, with no more incoming fire, he continued his advance. 
 Back on my flank, the StuG advanced again, but failed to spot...
...the hidden anti-tank gun, which fired again.
This round bounced off its armour too, what was it made of!!!! 
 With the StuG out of the way, my scout in the wood probed forward...
...only to be shot down by a section behind the fence.
Lawrence was getting shot at by small arms in cover ahead, and another man fell. 
 Some of the Germans began to attack...
 the 2 survivors from his first fire team fell back, and the team behind them was suppressed by the German LMG team.
The Germans had been over confident, though, and got badly shot up...
...by Lawrences infantry. 
The Germans fled.
My men in the wood, meanwhile, began to assault the fence beyond.
The Germans there took heavy casualties. 
The other section in the trees, which had failed to support the StuG, now fired and killed one of my men, and causing suppression.
The StuG, which had retreated a second time after being hit, now pushed forward a third time... 
...Again, my 6 pounder fired... 
...This shot destroyed a track, halting the StuG. The StuG though, saw the gun fire and shot back, but my gun crew saw the shot fly past them harmlessly.
Now, our tank support arrived, and moved in support of Lawrence.
The rest of the Germans facing Lawrence now began to try and push him back. 
Some of my men had them in enfilade, though..
..and Lawrence's men were in good positions. 
The attack failed. The Germans withdrew back towards the hill. 
 On my side, my infantry forced the Germans here to fall back too... 
 The immobilised StuG crew decided to bail out and follow them off table!
At this point, we had achieved a measure of victory, though in the time we had been given, we had got nowhere near the hill, our objective. 
Our casualties were the same as the Germans, so all in all they had won. The StuG would have been recovered, and we would have to do it all again tomorrow! 

We both agreed the new version rules worked better, and we had a lot of fun testing them!

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