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Saturday 30 April 2016

Dunstanburgh Castle

Today, I missed the wargames club to go out with my family, but we managed to see another of the great Northumbrian castles Wikipedia link It was fought over during the Wars of the Roses and was a bastion against the Scots into the 15th century.
The castle from the south
Sadly, I didn't have time to go inside, so had to view it as a besieger. 
The vulnerable south wall was defended by several towers.
The south west corner had a large gateway.. 
Sadly, ruinous like the rest of the castle.
The west wall was protected by a steep bank, sadly not much of the wall remains at the top. 
 A view up the coast northwards.
...and south west. 
 On the north west corner, another tower.
It really reminded me of Minas Morgul from 'The Lord of the Rings'!
All you need is a few Orcs! 
The North and east faces of the castle were protected by precipitous banks into the sea. 
A nice castle, I would like to visit again an have time to look inside!

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