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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ground attack planes, a first outing!

Today, my first day back at the club proper following my Mum's passing, Lawrence and I did a couple of games of WW1 Wings of Glory.
I had some models I hadn't used before, so it was a good day to try them out!

For the first game, we used Sopwith Camels
The solo system flew 2 Hannover CL111s and a Halberstadt CL.IV 
We started off heading for a nose to nose confrontation. My Camel (left) side-slipped a bit to try and outflank the Halberstadt.
 The Germans maintained their 'V' formation.
 Who would 'Blink' first! 
We clashed! 
I came out slightly ahead in our first pass. 
Lawrence's camel got hit by a Hannover's rear gunner, I 'Torque' turned to hit the green Hannover.
 I then, unluckily, got a hit from a rapidly turning Hannover which started a fire!
Lawrence decided to keep his distance before attacking again. 
 The blue Hannover was tailing me, I was lucky not to be hit!
 Lawrence tried to help, but nearly got shot himself!
 The other Germans were closing in on us now.
 my Camel was lucky to be in the no fire arc of the attacking green Hannover.
 Lawrence damaged it with a long range shot...
...but got shot down in flames by the blue Hannover's rear gunner. 
I took my burning camel off table, facing 3 Germans alone was a no win scenario!

The second game:

Lawrence and I upgraded to SE5a's.
 Those same 3 Germans advanced in an echelon, this time. 
 Once again, they kept strict formation. 
Lawrence and I started side slipping left to focus on the Halberstadt. 
 The Halberstadt side slipped to face us...
 Once again, i came out best in the nose to nose.
 We passed, though we would be vulnerable to the enemy rear gunners.
 I took a little damage, Lawrence was out of the Hannover's fire arcs 
 Lawrence sharp turned towards the blue Hannover, I 'Immelmanned' but failed to damage the green Hannover.
 As I chased the Hannovers, I took heavy damage.
 I caused more on my tormentor as he turned though! - and killed his rear gunner.
Lawrence and the Halberstadt were turning to re-engage. 
 I turned to engage the Halberstadt as the Hannovers disengaged.
 I missed, and took more damage from his rear gunner!
 Lawrence got him though, as I skirmished with a Hannover.
 An overview.
 Lawrence tried to get the Halbertadt, but the rear gunner hit him too.
 We began to separate again. 
 ..then began to re-engage.
 I won against the green Hannover.
Lawrence was not damaged by the blue Hannover. 
 Once again, I came nose to nose with the Halberstadt.
 I 'Immelmanned' again and, although I caused more damage, my engine was damaged.
We passed, but the Halberstadt was chasing me. 
 He kept firing effectively...
..despite my weaving to escape, a final close range shot sent me down to my death. 
 Lawrence was in the same position as I had been last game, and ran for home! 

So, 2 wins out of 2 for the cursed Boche! - I think the 2 seaters are a very tough opponent. Maybe we should have used Bristol Fighters!

Good games though!

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