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Saturday, 7 May 2011

WW2 Wings of War games - new rules try-out!

After the WW1 fight, Lawrence arrived, so we did a WW2 game to show him how the game worked, using the official rules. Some weird things happened so we tried it again with my single card system ( for details go to: Link) Ian and I used Mitsubishi Zeros and Lawrence tried 2 Spitfires...it was his baptism of fire in this game!

 While the two Spitfires moved straight forwards together, our Zeros split to go round either flank..
 My Zero turned in first and caught a Spitfire in my sights
 My 20mm cannon, even at long range, caused 5 points damage!
 Ians Zero turned in and caught the other Spitfire turning to face him, causing 6 points damage on him 
Both Zeros then began to focus on the 'Red' Spitfire..
 Lawrences other Spitfire, with a Zero on his tail - abandoned his wingman.
 My Zero got the first shot causing engine damage on the Spitfire.
 Next move, the slowed Spitfire couldnt evade the pursuing Zeros, which caused zero damage! 

 The following move finished the Spitfire as Ian shot it to pieces!

At this point Phil arrived with his Chi restored, so we continued our Pacific theme....

 The New Solo system ran 4 Zeros
 Phil, Lawrence and me ran  three F4F Wildcats..
 ..While Ian was out on the right on his own again!
 The Zeros initially advanced in formation..
 ..While the three Wilcats split up.
The Zeros moved to engage the three Wildcats, ignoring Ian.
While Phil 'Winged over' to draw the Zeros after him, Lawrence and I cut through the Zeros flank.. 
 ..We destroyed a Zero, but I took 5 points of damage myself.
The remaining Zeros turned after Phil... 
 ..Who soon had engine trouble!

 Our other 3 Wildcats struggled to get in to help Phil...
 But eventually began to take a toll on the Zeros!
 Soon, we had chased 1 Zero off table...
But as the last two Zeros disengaged, they caused more damage on us!

So, at the end of the game, Ian had no damage, but the rest of us had between 3 and 7 points left on our aircraft, the Zeros not being too much better.

It was a very tough game, but at least the novice players (Lawrence and Phil) had got a good grasp of the tactics needed in this type of game and survived!

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