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Saturday 16 September 2023

A shining star, falling.

 Today, we had a couple of games of Wings of Glory WW1 at the club.

I decided to do a photo-report on the first game which may have been a little presumptuous!

Our opponents, a Roland C2 escorted by Oswald Boelke and his apprentice, M Von Richtofen (in the middle) in Albatros D2's. (These would all be run by my solo system : LINK )

Lawrence, myself and Phil had Spad VIIs.
We closed rapidly, Lawrence was far out on the left.
The Germans kept a tight formation.
The Roland and Phil traded shots evenly, but Richtofen won and set my machine on fire!
Lawrence cut in as we passed the German line, but Boelke evaded his fire.
Phil and Lawrence turned on the rear of the Germans and Phil hit Richtofen, though the Roland's rear gunner git him too!
Lawrence got Boelke with a sharp turn, but was hit hard by that Roland's rear gunner again! I got a shot at the Roland, but my guns jammed!
My first (of 3) tests for the fire Richtofen had started only caused 1 damage, Phew!
Lawrence attacked the Roland but he got hit again without 'drawing a bead'.
Lawrence continued hammering at Boelke, but as I was trying to clear my guns, the Roland's rear gunner hit me and damaged my engine!!! (I was getting all the luck today)
Phil tried an Immelmann, but got hit hard by guess who!
My second fire test, looking good! - only one to go next turn!
We were all a bit spread out as you can see.
I was being stalked by the Roland! at least my guns were working again now!
The Roland's front gunner/pilot started my engine smoking!
The last test for the fire...
Kaboom! (at least I probably didn't know anything about it!)
The rest of the combatants seemed stunned by my sudden exit!
Phil and Lawrence tried to focus on Von Richtofen.
Oswald Boelke turned back to aid him.
Richtofen was toying with the Spads.
The Roland looked like he was going off table, but its turning circle is deceptive...
Richtofen turned to rejoin his master.
Lawrence was trying to get on Richtofen's tail.
He got the shot, but his guns jammed! Boelke hammered him with his twin guns!
Phil had got out of position, so Immelmanned to rejoin the battle.
Lawrence was managing to keep out of trouble.
With Phil's arrival it was 2 on 2, as the Roland was far out.
After a brief assessment with both Allied planes damaged and the Germans hardy touched, the Spads turned for home while they could!

That was a bad defeat, I think that Roland didn't need any escorts!...

At least we won the second game - we had 3 Italian Hanriots against 3 Austrian Aviatics - we wiped the floor with them!

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