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Saturday 18 March 2023

A day for the light bobs!

 Today's game was a return to the American Revolution, which we are all getting a lot of enjoyment playing!

Phillip joined me commanding the Americans, taking a couple of small brigades on my right wing. I was obviously on the defensive, but didn't lose the Initiative roll enough for the British to be able to deploy in the flank sectors.

The random terrain generator produced a battlefield not out of place in the Seven Years War, so it was no surprise when both sides deployed accordingly! 

The British (Phil)-deployed their main strength in the centre, with Grenadiers, Guards and 3 Scottish Battalions leading!

Lawrence had a Hessian force on his right.
My left was a mix of Militia and Continentals.
In the centre, the Maryland Continentals on their first outing, the North Carolinas being rested!
Phillip's forces, some New Jersey Continentals with some Riflemen and light infantry and the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons.
The battlefield at game start, note the British Light infantry extending their short line to match the Patriot forces!
Lawrence only got his front line moving, and his Feld Jagers in the wood.
Phil sent his forces forward, deploying his 'Light Bobs' out quickly.
My left wing struggled to get my reserve Continentals out to the flank.
Phillip sent his Dragoons forward with accompanying light gun, whilst his light infantry pushed over the steep hill.
In the centre, I planned to let the British come to me, only sending my light infantry forward.
My greater numbers meant my men outshot the Jagers...
...and a brisk charge drove them away in disorder!
Lawrence managed to get his second line moving forward, his front line was even now starting to feel the effect of Mr Knox's artillery!
On the left, the British lights supported by the 17th Light Dragoons, advanced toward the steep hill.
The British centre was slogging through a wood, for once, the Hessians were outpacing them!
My left was still ponderously wheeling to set up next to my artillery.
The guns were now in effective range...
...it seemed a shame to mess up those beautiful ranks!
On their left the British lights won a brisk attack against the American lights.
The Americans routed, and the Riflemen behind them fled too!
Phillip had advanced his Continentals up the hill, which disordered them, and the pursuing British lights followed into them before they could shoot!
More Hessians fell, oddly, it was the light battery that was doing all the damage, the Heavy gun only disordered their target occasionally!
The brave Germans pushed on, and the Light battery took a heavy toll on them.
2 regiments fell back through their second line, disordering them too!
Phil had charged the second British Light infantry and routed them, before pursuing into the surprised 17th LDs!
Back on the Hessian wing my Heavy gun bounced a shot through the second line and killed more of the retreating Hessians!
Phil's Turkish dice were having another good day...
...and for little loss, the British Lights routed the Continentals!
Amazingly the British Light Dragoons, admittedly after being caught unready, were not beating the Americans!
An overview of the infantry lines at this point.
The Hessian Grenadiers attacked the Militia and the Delaware regiment. My giving the militia an inspiring general paid off as the Militia bravely stood!
The Delawares were getting the best of the exchange.
The British main line had cleared the woods, and started taking casualties from my Riflemen!
Those light Dragoons were still fighting!!!
The Hessians were hung up on my line.
My Virginians attacked, they have never failed me yet. They tore chunks out of the Guards!
At this point, with the decision still in the balance, we ran out of time, the sun set, and both sides broke off.
I was very happy with the performance of my Continental army today, they acquitted themselves very well!

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