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Saturday 4 February 2023

Howe's your day?

 Today, we had another American Revolution (AWI) game at the club, My Washington, smarting from last week's defeat was keen to try to recover his honour...and keep Congress onside!

As usual, The British had Initiative, and in addition got to deploy in 1 flank sector of the table, I had the advantage of choosing which side of the table to deploy in, which was not a hard choice! - a township and fenced road on one side and lots of woods would make the British attack...difficult.

Our table, with both sides deployed.

The township, my Virginians and New Jersey Continentals, and some Virginia Militia supporting them.

In the centre, I had my North Carolinas actually deployed in position, Washington would have his work cut out getting the rest of his troops into position!
On my left my troops were still moving forward, would they get into a defensive line before the British arrived?
Lawrence was playing General Howe today and had a left wing of Guardsmen, Grenadiers and Fusiliers supported by normal regiments.
Their centre was weaker, though Hessian Grenadiers supported the British here.
On their right, facing the woods - Hessian FeldJagers supporting 2 British Light infantry battalions led the rest of the Hessian corps.
Lawrence and I had mostly Average Brigade commanders, but Lawrence got a Brave and Competent commander, who he gave to the Grenadier/ Fusilier brigade! - That would make them a very tough nut to crack!.
Philip, commanding the Hessians now redeployed after we pointed out the advantages of grouping his regiments!!!!
The British left was moving quickly to attack my Virginians who were still getting themselves in order (pre 1778 Americans do not manoeuvre at all well!!!)
In the centre, Lawrence only got his guns advancing.
Philip got all his lights moving to seize the woods.
My Heavy artillery fired on the Grenadiers as they passed a wood...
The shot bounced through both battalions! - causing casualties!
As the British Light infantry moved through the woods, they skirmished with my Riflemen. I was getting some Continentals over the fences to face them.
The rest of the Hessians seemed strangely quiescent.
Despite their losses, the British left advanced like a well oiled machine!
One of the British light guns tried to deploy close to my New Jerseys...
Their supporting gun blew up their ammunition, destroying the gun before it deployed!
The British centre was better supported, and the other light gun was going to be a problem for my Continentals here!
The Guards and one of the Grenadier regiments engaged my Virginians, my men took some casualties.
My Virginians steadied and returned fire!
In the centre, the British were pushing forward.
I surprised the British advancing two Virginia Continental regiments over the fence, I got a good volley on the 1st Grenadiers and the 5th Fusiliers!
I was slowly getting more Continentals up to support my left.
The 2nd Canadians and the German regiment were keen, too, to regain their honour, after getting hammered in last week's game! They bravely advanced into the fire of the British lights, withholding their fire for the massed infantry behind.
On my right, the Guards and the Virginians were trading fire ineffectually.
On my right again, my Heavy gun forced the Grenadiers to retreat, both had about 75% losses!
The advanced Virginians now started pummeling 5th regiment.
In the centre, the British pushed to short range, but the North Carolinas shredded them.
The Guards were hung up by my brave Virginians.
I had advanced my Riflemen to harass the flanks of the advanced British centre, but Lawrence rapidly advanced the 17th Light Dragoons, my command failed, and I only got one unit back, the other Routed on being charged, but escaped safely.
I tried to advance on the British Light gun but my men were shredded by cannister.
They retreated in haste!
Those Virginians were STILL standing!
Lawrence tried to send a regiment on the flank of my advanced Virginians, but their fire only disordered a regiment despite being at short range!
The British centre attack Routed.
At this point Lawrence decided to retreat, I had militia, and the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons backing up the Virginians by now, so the chance of him winning here was poor. 
The British had taken about 3 times as many casualties as the Americans.
I now found that the Hessians had been ordered to defend on this flank, which had allowed me...
... to bring more Continentals up to face them.
Not a stunning American victory...but I will take it!


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